Good mode for dialog in movies?


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I just got my dream surround sound system, and I was watching a movie that has a lot of dialog on the quiet side. One of the main reasons that I really wanted a surround sound system was because I REALLY hated having to constantly adjust the volume on the TV when movies changed from action sequences to dialog sequences. Now, I seem to have the same problem, bummer. I'm sure there must be something I can do, besides just cranking the volume.

I read about "night mode" for dolby digital, which sounds good, but I don't want to have to watch movies in night mode all the time. Is there a mode (on the H/K AVR330) that is better for dialog-heavy movies?? Or is the only solution to over-compensate by turning up the center channel? I used to have to watch movies with the subtitles on when I didn't have surround sound (to avoid the constant adjustment of the volume), but I don't want to have to do that anymore!!!

Please help, thank you in advance

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Although there are parameters or standards for calibrating the sound coming out of your speakers, it is still up to you to make sure that the sound is optimal. If you believe that the dialogue is to low or muted to your liking, then you have to adjust it accordingly. It doesn't matter what instruments may say, you are the one listening and not the machines! With that said, go ahead and crank up the center channel as much as you want to hear the dialogue comfortably, the receiver won't mind at all.

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That's a good point, Berny.

I was playing around with the different modes and it seems that DTS Neo:6 has slightly louder dialog levels. Is there any other mode that anyone would recommend for more distinct dialog in movies?


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Hi Ryan;

DTS Neo 6 is an analog mode. Like Dolby Surround, and Prologic (II) it is a matrixed system for 2 channel analog to 5.1 or 6.1. If your DVD player is hooked to the receiver with the red and white RCA cables this is the best decoding you can do. You need a digital coax or digital optical cable for DOLBY digital or DTS. The reason I bring this up, is that the center channel for dialogue is matrixed from the l/r channels and may not be as clear in this mode as it would be in DD/DTS.

Assuming you have the optical/coax connection, how does regular DTS and DolbyDigital sound? My recollection of that HK receiver is it has a dialogue adjust that automatically sets the dialogue level from the DVD in DD or DTS.

Also, have you callibrated the system. You can do it by ear using the test tones (not real accurate), but I think that the HK 330 has a built in ez set in the remote to set the levels for each channel. If I recall, you sit where you would actually sit, point the remote up and hit the ez set button, input the number of speakers (5.1, 6.1, etc.) and enter and it calibrates itself. That might help as well.

Good luck.

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