H/K AVR430 has some weirdness


I have tried for the last 3 days to set my reciever/speakers/DVD player up and I am getting really irritated. First issue is that for some reason the reciever when I have my DVD player on it switches back from optical to analog continuosly. I have optical going from dvd player to reciever and component cable to reciever. 2nd issue is that the dvd player doesn't work. I have S-Video going from my reciever to the tv. Is this right? I'm a novice at all this.. Thanks for any help guys!

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Hi there- first off never put anything on top of your receiver. The main reason is that it needs proper ventilation so that it can cool down. The way I prefer Is Receiver on left and dvd on right or the opposite. Next I would say that the S video may also need to have the input & output cables hooked up also.

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My H/K reciever will give a blue screen unless the S-Video goes through the imput output on the receiver. I do not understand your anolog/optical issue. I have both the optical and anolog going from the DVD to the reciever and am able to switch back and forth between the two. You might need to check how the DVD player is set up. When does it switch? During video or audio playback?

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Is there anything else hooked up to the video input of the TV?
On the Video input side, you will have different options on what type of input to use, Composite, S-Video and sometimes component video, you can only hook up one type of video input in one of these banks, although it may seem like it can take in 2 or 3 different kinds all at the same time.

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If worse comes to worse, use the reset procedure on both the remote, and the unit itself, and start from scratch! Use the manual to configure the unit! The H/K receivers are somewhat complicated to set up! Use the manual. and spend some time! Also, use the color coded connection sheet!

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switching from optical to analog continuously? If the AVR can't find a valid optical connection, it will revert to an analog one. You have two optical inputs so check your settings or switch inputs. Also check your connections for a loose cable. It doesn't take much for an optical cable to pop out of its jack. HTH and good luck!

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It sounds like you need to step back and completely review your audio and video connections, and do some basic troubleshooting. For example, you seem to indicate that you have component video from DVD to AVR, then S-video from AVR to TV. This is definately wrong because the AVR will not translate video formats. So, whatever format your TV or monitor takes, that is the format you must feed the AVR from the source (e.g., if the TV is S-video, then the DVD must be also). For basic troubleshooting, try connecting the DVD directly to the TV just to see if it works. If it does, then likely you have a problem with the receiver or the cabling to it. I know component connections can seem awfully complicated, but it is like plumbing in a way. Just like you keep cold water and hot water pipes separate, so should you keep S-video, composite video and component video cables.
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