Paradigm signature 4's, which av receiver?? thanks


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gave a listen to the new paradigm signature 4's at the local supplier. thought they sounded great with really clear high's and midrange. kinda scary so clear. want to match them with a receiver for 50-50 music and movies. i like the specs on the denon 3805 but am afraid of this combo being too fatiguing with the highs of the paradigm. would appreciate receiver options.

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Combined with the Denons, Paradigms should be perfect. Paradigms are not as fatiguing as you may think.

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Arcam AVR300

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Wow Paradigm Signature Series and this local supplier was trying to sell you the Denon 3805...what a shame...the Signature series should be matched up with a comparable receiver, in this case i'll agree with Michael

the Arcam AVR 300 anything else would be shamefull...:-)

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The Arcam is a very good receiver but not the only one worth looking at my any means.You are looking at some very expensive speakers and it would be helpful to know your budget. Rotel, NAD, Arcam and the new Yamaha RXZ9 would all be great choices but I would also suggest you consider looking at the seperates from Outlaw. Great equipment for the money and would be a good sonic match with the Paradigm's from everything I have heard. Driving a speaker system that sells for 4-5 thousand dollars with a $1000 unit like the 3805 would be a shame and a waste of the speakers potential.

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I'll agree to that...(EliteFan)

Still people should realize that your system sound will only be as good as your weakess link...

In this case the Denon 3805 a good receiver but a bad choice for this specific set up...

I would suggest to shop elsewhere as this shop does not have your best interest at hand, they are looking for a quick sale...

Shame, Shame, Shame

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or another option if you don't want to do full seperates or a very
expensive reciever. you could get a descent reciever then add a
nice 2channel amp to power the front speakers then later
maybe add more amps and slowly move up to seperates if you want!

or just keep the reciever 2 channel amp combo.

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Kegger, I agree and the Rotel 1056 fits the bill, first you start with a good receiver, then eventually match it up with a seperate amp (Rotel 1050) then you end up with better stereo sound and 7.1 to boot :-)
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