Speaker placement in my small room and break in!!!


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Ok guys this is what my concern is , i bought a rx-v2400 and i bought the def tech pro cinema 100s all around (4 sats) i am just waiting for the store i shop at to get the c2 center channel and 100 subwoofer in and for now i am using a old sony center channel. Now i have about a 12 by 12 room and my tv is dead center against 1 wall and my bed is on the wall directly accross from the tv but all the way on the right side. I put the 4 monitor 100s in each corner of the room. The speakers on the wall with the tv are almost straight with a slight tilt towards the center of the room and the rear 2 on the back wall are facing more towards each other like the way headphones go on your ears if thats a good mental picture for you. Now my listening point is my bed which is all the way on the right if your looking at the tv and i am almost under that speaker and also because of my walls it was kind of hard to mount the speakers perfect so i could not pivot them real good but i used the ypao and it seems to sound fine like that but am i loosing anything because of the kind of not so traditional placement of my listining point and speaker placements . Also will these speakers sound better over time , in other words do they have to break in . I really do not have the full effect because i do not have the center channel and i do not have the sub but i am just curious to know if they will loosin up a little

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well i would be a little concerned with one speakers placemeant also.
but if you can't or don't want to move the bed theirs not much you can do.

as far as breaken yes it should start to sound a little more mellow.

also the sub and center should help a lot!
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