NAD t743 or Harman Kardon 230


Which of these two receiver is best match for BW601 s3 or MA B2? Primary concern is music and HT is secondary.

Hawk and therealelitefan, pls help.

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Anonymous: there's no question -- in my humble opinion -- that the NAD is going to be more pleasing musically.

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If I'm going with NAD, is it the MA B2 or B&W 601 s3? which of these two is a perfect match with NAD?

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For NAD, I would probably recommend the B&W speakers. Sonically, I feel that they make a better match. In my opinion, Monitor Audio would go better with a warmer sounding receiver such as Pioneer Elite, HK, or Marantz.

I agree with geekboy in that NAD will likely be the more musical choice.

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I think I would agree with what has been said before. Any of these combinations would be very nice so I suggest you spend the time to audition as much of this stuff as possible. I can say that I love my Elite/MA combination and can recommend it highly.

Thanks Guys

What is your comment on these combinations?

a. Marantz 5300 and MA B2 about CDN$900

b. NAD T743 and B&W 601 s3 about CDN$1500

The dealers here don't carry MA and B&W together so I can not audition them side by side.Which combination will give warm and detail sound without listening fatigue? I know that the decision still up to myself but I just want to ask your own experience to give me some info.

Thanks for any input.

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Being in Canada I recommend you also check out the NAD T743 with some Paradigm combinations. Paradigm's are relatively cheap here and are a good match with NAD.
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