Advise Needed - NAD 773 vs Rotel1067 vs Denon3805 with Paradigm Studio 60 v3


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Howdy! Am putting together a HT system consisting of the following:

Usage: 70% music (including SACDs and DVDAs)and 30% movies

Centre - Paradigm Studio cc470
Fronts - Studio 60 v3
Surround - Studio 20 v3
Sub - Sceismic 12

Most grateful if someone could give me some pointers on the best matching receiver for the Paradigms. Am narrowing my choices to the Rotel 1067, NAD 773 or Denon 3805. Please feel free to suggest other brands as well. Thanks!

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The choice is between the NAD or Rotel. The Denon is not in their class. I would buy whichever you like best between those two. You can't lose either way.

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Arcam AVR300 or Sherwood R-965 would also be fine choices. If you want a more high-endish amp, you should look at Primare SPA20 and Vincent SV388.

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I'll second the Arcam AVR300, then the Rotel, then the NAD

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I am running almost an identical speaker set-up, however I am using the Paradigm PW2200 sub.

I use a NAD T753 and am pleased with the sound. I also believe you would get great results with Rotel as well. My understanding is that NAD sounds a little mellower than Rotel.

Hope this helps.


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mine wouls be the same as Bleustar

"Arcam AVR300, then the Rotel, then the NAD"

otherwise marantz/pioneer elite and h/k.

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Do yourself a favour and listen to the Arcam AVR 300 it truly is a great sounding receiver, I also agree with Bleustar.

for the money 1st the Arcam, than the Rotel and finally the Nad, you have great speakers don't waste your time with the others...


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Dear All,

Thanks for all the advise. Was actually thinking of the Arcam too. Lets take this another step higher....How about separates?

Rotel 1068/ Rotel 1075 Amp (120w x 5chs)
Arcam FMJ C30/FMJ P35 Amp (90w x 3 channels) x 2
NAD T163/ T973 (140w x 7 channels)
Others ?

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Sherwood P-965/A-965 combo. Excellent sound and quality:
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