Rotel or Marantz


Does anyone have an opinion or whether to purchase a Rotel RSX1055 or RSX1065 vs the Marantz SR8200?

Mark J Finger
In auditioning both the RSX1055 and the SR8200, I found the Rotel to be more musical. It sounds warm and robust. I found the Marantz more harsh. The Rotel looks better too. The new look is solid and rich. I bought the RSX1055 and am delighted with it.


Does anyone have a high frequency noise problem with his Marantz SR7300.

When operated at very low volumes (-40 to -50) I can easily hear a hissing/buzzing noise from the speakers. The noise is lowder when a digital source is used and also when one of the sorround modes is in use. Noise attenuates when source direct or analog is used.

I wonder if the SR7300ose also has this problem.

I have notified Marantz and they are working to address this problem.

Any ideas??

Hi wjs,

I am also in the same boat, almost impossible to listen to them in the same store.

Also if you are considering the 8200, does that mean you have listened to and ruled out the 7300ose? When you look at the 8200 specs, in freq response, max is 70 kHz rather than 100 kHz for the newer Marantz.

I would be very curious to know, since you can get really good deals on the 8200 now.


At they are closing out the Marantz SR8200 at $999. Great deal if you don't mind that it is a 6 channel, rather than a 7 channel powered receiver.

At the risk of getting some audiophiles who read a lot of tweako magazines upset--I would still get the Marantz SR8200 over either Rotel, which are more expensive and have an inferior feature set and an inferior remote.

But if I were going to spend spend around $1600 I would go separates and get the 100 watt x 7 channel amp and their 950 AV preamp.

Neither the Marantz or the Rotel compare favorably to this. The Outlaw doesn't look as flashy, but its looks aren't at all offensive--it has an excellent remote (basically the same one as a B&K receiver at $3K)--and the power supply (the amp by itself weighs over 50 lbs)is far superior to the Marantz or the Rotel's.

It also has Dolby Prologic II, EX, and all the other formats--and a far superior bass management set-up over the Rotel's or the Marantz. So it plays SACD and DVD-Audio very well right out of the box once you set it up correctly.

How does the Rotel 1055 compare with the NAD 762. I have Paradigm monitor 7's and a small sub also paradigm.

The Paradigm's are easy to drive and I presume your subwoofer is self-powered, so that part is a non-issue. Both receiver's have more than enough power to drive those speakers to as loud as they can play before they distort.

Buy the one that has the features you want, the remote you prefer, and since I still listen to tuners--I tilt toward the one with a better FM section. I think both receivers have a better than average tuner section at their price range.

I would say the NAD is a better deal at the price, but they both are good.

I would tend to agree with G-Man. To me, the Outlaw separates represent a far better value than either the Marantz 8200 or the Rotel 1055. Once you get to the $1500 price point, I think it is best to start thinking separates rather than live with the compromises made in a receiver.

The Rotel is extremely musical, although I find the sound to be rather light and delicate, almost spare. The Marantz is warmer and fuller sounding, like I am getting the full audio range. Both are very fine products and I don't believe one is better than the other, but they are very different in sound. The Outlaw separates to me have the weight and the punch of the Marantz, but also have the really clean sound of the Rotel.


I find the NAD 762 to be about like the Outlaws, sound wise. It is in between the sound of the Rotel 1055, which I found to sound laid-back and almost delicate, whereas the Marantz is also laid back, but is much warmer and almost heavy sounding by comparison. The NAD is also rather warm sounding, but seems more neutral in terms of its tonal balance. I do know the NAD is an excellent combo with the Paradigms (I have heard this combo numerous times at my local Paradigm dealer). In terms of pairing a receiver with Paradigm speakers, I like the NAD best, but after the NAD I think the Rotel is a better choice than the Marantz, which is probably too laid back for the Paradigms, IMHO.
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