Details of the new 3803


Amplifier specs remain unchanged

A/V inputs inreased from 5 to 7

Componenet Video switcher bandwidth now 100Mhz
(and the component inputs(2) are assignable)

Video Conversion from 5803

Digital inputs/outputs increased
(5 optical, 2 coax)
(2 optical outputs)

Crossover Points added - 40 and 60 Hz

All new DDSC-D featuring Analog Devices' Melody 100 DSP
(new name for the HammerHead Sharc - used in 5803)
(Dolby Digital EX Pro Logic II, dts ES)
(dts 96/24)

Burr-Brown PCM-1791 24/192 DAC's
(2 per channel, in differential configuration)
(Also, Burr-Brown PCM-1804 24/192 A/D Converter)

AL24 Processing

Pure Direct Mode

Multi-Source/Zone section improved
(now fully discrete power on/off)
(variable/Fixed audio pre-out with Composite Video)
(Remote I/O ports)
(12 V trigger)
(amp Assign)

Available October '02
SRP - $1200

Those added x-over points for the sub/mains and 192khz dac's are a nice upgrade. However, notice that the heat sinks may not be turned horizontally, which could lead to better heat dissipation form vertically casted ones???

Tyler Ramsay
I was considering picking up this reciever. I am a newbie to the A/V market and I was wondering if this is a good buy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in Canada and this reciever goes for roughly 2200 dollars here. I was wondering if anyone knows another reciever with roughly the same features as this one in the same price range (1200 USD). The Pioneer VSX-45TX seems comparable in features but lacks the same power output, also, the NAD T762 looks like it would do just nicely but unfortunatly I will not be able to audition this amp because it would have to be ordered in. Your opinions are welcome and thanks for reading.
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