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Hey! I am attempting to buy a new boombox and have narrowed down the my choice to 4 from different companies, and would like a recommendation out of them (or maybe one I don't know of?). I am receiving an iPod with an iTrip (3G 30gb model), and would play it through either the Tuner, or maybe an input (such as on the Sony). I listen to burned CD's, regular CD's, and FM radio. I may even hook up my Xbox to it (Sony?), though that isn't important. I listen to mainly Rock, Punk, Techno, and Rap. I LOVE bass, and don't really care as much about "surround" effects so much as the best sounding system. I would like to spend no more than $150 shipped. I like to listen reasonably loudly, and HATE distortion. Cassette isn't important. Here are what I have narrowed it down to:

Sony CFD-G70
Aiwa CSD-FD88
Panasonic RX-D23
Philips AZ2555

I am leaning towards the Sony, but I haven't listened to ANY of these, so I would like a real opinion. Thanks for any help, and if possible, PLEASE email me a response at

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You get much better sound from these - boombox sounds too small - just for beachs and barbecue.

Get these and you will be jamming.

Panasonic sa-ck410 on ebay

Phillips mini : 010223647

This one you can connect it to your computer as well - to improve the sound! Looks' good, and gives upscale smooth sound. Sounds great with a headphone.

The panasonic is not as smooth, but gives a bigger sound - has more bass for rocking. Sounds fun.


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Thank you for the reply, but I would like a boombox (with non-detachable speakers) so I can carry it around with me. I want a portable system because I want it to be PORTABLE. Yes, a minisystem gives better sound, but they are too big and bulky for my tastes, which is why I prefer a boombox. Thanks again! -JB

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This one sounds good - and is discounted now. It received awards from magazines. The sound is lively - better than most boomboxes. Doesn't have a CD player but you can attach your ipod to it.

Here is 10% off coupon - expires soon. (The second one on the list) tml?source=google_cambridge

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Go for the Aiwa.
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