Builtiing a Car subwoofer for home use.


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what is the best brand for a subwoofer?, i heard rockford fosgate and jbl was good, i see some for close or around to $100 and What is the best type of enclosure for a Subwoofer ??

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Hey, does "2 x 4 OHMS" Impedance make 8 ohms if u hook both to one ? and then a rockford fosgate subwoofer saids "8 OHMS Impedance" heres the site


The RF Punch HE woofers are a full line of low frequency drivers sized from 8" to 15" and are available in 4- or 8-ohm impedance.

So can u used dual 4 ohms and make 8 ohms or use 8 ohms for both home and car ? i would like to use it for both home and car.

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Already made ones have amps built in, so for home use, I would go with something like sony sa-wm200 for only $74 + shipping.

You can build one for a car use. If you are handy with wood, you can make it your self or go with one like this :


You can save a lot by doing what you are doing. I would go with 8 ohm instead of 4. Some amps can't handle 4.

Fosgate and Jbl both should do the job.

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You got it all wrong. If you connect two 8ohm
speakers, the amp will see it as 4ohms. Two 4ohm speakers actually become 2ohms. Most car amps are rated at 4ohms while the majority of home receivers are rated at 8ohms. If you connect a 4ohm speaker to your home receiver you are forcing the amp to work twice as hard(some higher-end receivers are able to run at 4ohms). By doing this, you increase your systems power output. It works the other way for the car amps using 8ohm speakers. Hope this helps.

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DHR, if you hook up two 4ohm speakers, you can make it 8ohms. You just have to wire it correctly.

You have to wire the speakers in series. Take the positive wire from the receiver and hook it up to ONE speaker's positive. Then take the negative wire from the receiver and connect it to the OTHER speaker's negative. Then, you bridge a wire from the FIRST speaker's negative and then connect it to the OTHER speaker's positive.

I say screw all this and get a SVS sub:-)
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