Kenwood M2A power amp--good,bad,ugly anyone?


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Username: Kegger

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i have 2 of these the specs are seem pretty nice.

220 watts @ 8ohms and 350 @ 4ohms .003 dist.

i'm running 1 as a sub amp and 1 for 2 channel
front speakers of h/t setup.

i have used these for some time now and they
are quite powerful and seem to be very clean and warm. but i can't find any reviews or anything
negative nor positive about them.

does anyone know anyhting about these things?
are they warm?
are they clean?
do they put out there actual power?
are they any good?

the only thing i know is that there mosfet.

thanks for any info well appreciated!

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Username: Kegger

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c'mon! anybody?
no one has ever used or seen one of these?

i recently found my manual for the amp and here
are some more specs from it.

220 watts per channel minimum rms, both channels
driven at 8 ohms from 20 hz to 20,000 hz with no
more than 0.004% total harmonic distortion.

clipping power at 8 ohms 247 w/ch. (1 khz)
clipping power at 4 ohms 350 w/ch. (1 khz)

dynamic power at 8 ohms 346 w/ch. (1 khz)
dynamic power at 4 ohms 526 w/ch. (1 khz)

weight is 35 pounds.

anyways thanks again if anyone has any ideas!

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I only dream of owning another M2A, mine broke about 10 years ago and I traded it off instead of fixing it. They are actualy very conservatively rated and make more than their rated power. Happy Listening with them!

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thanks a lot dawg for the info.

i was really trying to figure out if these are any good because i can usually find them on ebay
for less than $150 and i was thinking of getting
2 more and running my whole system on them.

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Username: Decubaan

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The M2a is testet in Germany as one of the best amps, sound and power, by 3 top audio magazines

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thanks van der borgh would you happen to know a
site that has a review

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The specs of the M2A look good as they go. But what is the frequency range, input/output impedance, and damping factor?

A VERY low distortion amp should also have a frequency range of say 5hz-50khz or more,
an Output impedance of less than 0.4 ohms,
an input impdedance greater than 10k ohms,
and Damping factor 100 or more,
as well as a THD of less than 0.1 (those listed below run more like 0.03 to .05, etc.

Examples: Hafler DH-200, 220; Anthem PVA2/5/7; Rotel; ATI; Muse 160; BEL 1001; $Bryston$; $Jeff Rowlands$.

Then if your speakers offer any transparency at all, as most dipoles do, then regardless of top end gear, cables, or other tweaks, and with a proper room/speaker/amp match, and setup, any fatiguing, or distastful sonic characteristics are from your source material (the secret ghost of audio confusion).

It is of major benefit to listen to 'live' sounds, recall them as best you can, and compare to what your system is providing, and have a few sonically superior reference quality recordings to use to evaluate your system/environment/setup.

Several proven CD's in a variety of music genres can be found at Music link of Siegfried Linkwitz' web site (designer of the renowned Audio Artistry line of 2/3/4 way active EQ/XO open baffle speaker systems): Check out some of the other links while there. It is a wealth of truth and knowledge of all things audio :-)

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(fred mcamis)

i listed the thd or "total harmonic distortion".

thd 0.004% 20hz to 20khz at rated power output.

damping factor says 1000 at 50hz 8ohms.

frequency response says dc to 300 khz +0 -3 db

input 1 v/47 kohms

signal to noise ratio 120 db

it does not list the output sensitivity on the

but everything else seems to be there.

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Frequency 'range', not 'response'. It should show the minimum hz and the maximum khz. The amps I listed run like 5hz-75khz. Notice it is way beyond the so called hearing range of 20hz-20khz.

The damping factor is a function of Output impedance, and I am used to seeing a <0.4ohm showing Damping of a few hunderd, not 1000, so I do not know.

The THD is incredible. It makes me suspicious. THough it shouldn't because I know it is possible. Hafler DH-200, 220 also has a THD of 0.005% and sells for about $200. Where another amp of comparable specs (Jeff Rowlands Design Group) sells for more like $8,000. That is what is incredible to me. They make one model you could hang on the wall, it is so beautiful. They actually provide an optional clear plastic cover for one model to reveal the interior.

Some of the other models I mentioned with like specs range from several hundred to couple grand, but have a lot of build quality, unlike the Hafler. Byrston, and JR are off the charts though. The ATI line may be the best buy with no compromises ($1.5-2.5k., depending on power and number of channels)


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i can only go by what is listed on the specs
manual. i have not found anymore info online.

that is why i was asking if anyone knew anything
about this particular amp.

i have not seen any reviews or anyone mention them.i can only go by the specs i have and what
iv'e heard from the amps.

i have found a couple people using them and have
not seen anything bad posted about them but that
is about all.

i was just wondering if "anyone in the know" had
anything to say about one. thats all just courious!
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