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Have some old gear Pioneer vsx-6300, infinity RSIIb's and want to upgrade for a HT. Room size is 15x15ft with a 50inch rear projection Mitsubishi VS5074. Suggestions?

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Do you need everything? Like receiver, speakers, dvd player, and HDTV? Or are you keeping the Mitsu tv you now own.

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Well I don't need an receiver anymore, I went out and bought a Pioneer Elite VSX-55TXi, I plan on keeping the RSIIIb's as the two front speakers, I have JVC progressive scan multi-region, multi-format(NTSC/PAL) DVD player, Pioneer CD, Pioneer CLD-D504 Laser Disc, Sony CD/MD MXD-D400, Sony SL-HF750 Beta, Mitsubishi VHS and was keeping the Mitsu TV for now.. So I still have $2K+/- for speakers and other stuff. Aperion is just down the road and I've read good stuff about them but the A/V 'specialist' (sales dude) said that the Boston Acoustics or M&K's would match up with the receiver and IIIb's okay. I wanted to get some feed back from this forum b/4 doing anything else. Used to stay on top of this stuff quite a bit but moved to Oz for 4 years and just came back...for awhile and wanted to enjoy the gear I had bought but never really used so keeping the stuff that works and upgrading speakers, etc. Thanks for the response.

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I am currently Demo'ing a set of PSBs: Image 5T fronts, Image 9C Center and Image 10S surrounds, with a subsonic 6i subwoofer, which retail around 2500... but you can do for less... and they really sound great in my opinion... I don't think they create the same sound stage you might get with a $5000 set of speakers, but in terms of great sound throughout the spectrum, and more than enough bass to really feel the movie. I don't know that I have heard a better value.

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Good choice on your receiver. The 55 is a very good unit with lots of power and of course the firewire connections. Should give you many years of excellent sound. As to your speakers if you plan on keeping your Infinity's as your mains I would complete the rest of your set up with Infinity's also. I do not think it is wise to try to mix and match speaker brands for a home theater system. To keep a seamless soundstage it's best to stay with the same brand. Nothing wrong with Infinity at all. You have some nice gear by the way.
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