NAD T753 - 2nd one faulty in weeks


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New here after doing a search on "Faulty NAD" on Google.
I'm on my second T753 Receiver. Purchased the first in April and had to return very quickly as it didn't pick up the optical signal from the NAD 513 DVD. Had to wait for ages for a new one, although I didn't return it until a replacement was at the dealers.
Picked up the new one a couple of weeks ago and now have a dead front left channel. Looks like it's going back this weekend.
My dealer is good but someone wasn't being truthful way back in early May when I was told a new shipment was just entering Canada and I'd get one withinn 2 weeks.
I read in another post about firmware etc and i'd appreciate any pointers to find out more about the individual machine i have....

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I had a similar problem with a NAD 752 which I puchased around April last year. After 6 weeks the center channel went dead. I tried replacing the cable etc. without any joy. I took it back to the dealer and the result was that they could find nothing wrong. The problem was due to the fact that the exposed wire at the end of the cable was too short and I had not pushed this cable far enough into the binding post - these are difficult to connect at the best of times.
Hope this helps.

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I have a 753 and havent had any problems. My dealer here in Montreal does have more in stock though, so im not sure why your dealer would take so long to get a replacement. Is your dealer an authorized dealer?


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The dealer is authorised, and the first 753 played fine with the same speaker cable. I'm thinking about asking for an upgrade to the 763. Does anyone know how much extra these are?
I'll probably ask for NAD to meet me half way....

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Username: Daveelson

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And can someone tell me how to check the firmware and do a reset on this machine?

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Username: Sigur

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I've had the same problem (dead rear channel) on my T763, and I had a similar problem with dead channels on a T762. I don't know if it's a design fault or just bad luck. Haven't returned it yet.

I think you can find the firmware version by holding down the video and audio buttons. To do a reset :-
-switch power on
-depress video & tone control buttons for 3 seconds
-reset will be displayed in info window
-switch power off
-wait 3 seconds & switch power back on
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