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Hi all. After reading ALOT of your excellent postings, I wandered out yesterday and purchased 3 components: a Cambridge Audio 540D DVD player, a Cambridge Audio 540R A/V Reciever and a Cambridge Audio 640A Amplifier.

From everyone's postings, I know these components work...and work well (they also look damned good too, although the plastic knobs are a bit of a letdown, as is the lack of labelling on the remotes). However, I wonder if I haven't inadvertantly purchased an amplifier I don't need AND I wonder if it's a wise decision considering I'm moving back to Australia in four weeks.

My questions, if you'd be so kind to offer an opinion, are:

1. Should I have waited 'til I was back in Oz? After all, I'm already going to have issues regarding the power leads *although* I did save at least £200 by buying from Richer Sounds. Should I bother purchasing the 3 year warranty, or does anyone believe these warranties are a waste of time? I'm just thinking if anything went wrong and I was stuck with a broken device, sea freight takes at least 3-4 months to ship anything back to the UK...at least a 3 year warranty will allow me to ship them back with enough time to spare.

2. Do I need that Cambridge Audio 640A Amp after all? I wish to be able to listen to CD's and also put my toes into the water with DVD-A's, too. On top of that, I'd like to be able to use the system for Home Theatre. Is what I've chosen a decent set-up? I know that the 540R already comes with an onboard Amp; was it slightly misguided to buy the 640A as well?

3. I have *NO* idea how to set this thing up. Can anyone suggest any good sites to check out / places in Sydney that might be able to help?

4. Lastly, in regards to question 1, I'm well aware that I haven't tested the equipment...and are unlikely to be able to do so before they get packed (next week or the week after, hopefully). Should I get Richer Sounds - or someone else - to test them out for me?

5. Can anyone suggest a good set of speakers to go with this lot? My budget would be in the region of £600-£700. I like Tannoys because of their price/looks/high what-you-get-for-your-money ratio, but I'd readily accerpt advice from anyone with a preference.

I realise this is a lot of questions (and some may say, "hey, more money than sense"), but I'd really appreciate anyone's input. I may be only a noob (computer geek speak for an amateur), but I'm trying to learn. Most of all, I'd like to be able to listen to some *real* music for once, rather than the recycled stuff out of my PC's Creative Labs speakers!

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Captain Cod.
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