Hawk: A warm sounding receiver with incredible detailed highs?


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Username: Billdashill

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Is this at all possible with out spending more than $650??

I listen to 2 channel music 80% of the time. Movies the rest of the time.

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Without knowing more about your system, I can only suggest one receiver that meets your criteria: an NAD T742. It has an MSRP of $649, but is currently available from Saturday Audio Exchange for $449, which makes it an incredible bargain. It has the same DACs and DSP as the bigger NAD models, so it has the detail you are looking for. Additionally, the amp section is warm sounding, but with a lot of clarity and detail. First time I heard this receiver (when looking for new speakers), I was astounded--it had more detail and clarity than my Denon and it costs half as much.

You might also look around at your local NAD dealers to see if they have a good deal on their closeout of the T752. It has an MSRP of $899, but I have seen it discounted recently to as low as $640, but this might be a longshot.

A Marantz 6300 is also a good candidate. It is close to the NAD in clarity and detail, but lacks that last bit of detail that the NAD has. Nevertheless, the amp section is warm and involving, and it may have sufficient detail for you and your system. Check them out at accessories4less.com which has them priced at $599.99.

Merry Christmas, and best wishes!

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Thanks Hawk. You know I bought a NAD T532 and I have the front speakers bought (haven't arrived yet) Monitor Audio B2's. I just read that the T532 has a bright sound and I know the Monitor Audio are like that but I thought NAD had an affinity to staying as close to flat as possible. Thats my situation. I've also heard that there are other receivers that are more laid back than the NAD but I was concerned that I'll lose the details of the highs if I went that route.

I'll have to home audition the NAD to be sure I guess.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Thanks again.

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I have a NAD T752 and although it is a "warm" sounding receiver you lose nothing at the high end, I actually did a side by side with my Yamaha receiver and my present NAD (Split the left side out of my Yamaha CD Player, one to NAD other to Yamaha Receiver then hooked my Paradigm Studio speakers one into each receiver so I could switch between the two or listen to them together) and found it interesting, the Yamaha was definitly on the brighter side but highs were much cleaner with more detail with the NAD.. All in all the NAD had a much nicer sound-stage and gave music a texture that my old Yamaha just couldn't give... So I would not worry about any loss of the high end details with the NAD...

PS: Welcome back Hawk!! Great to have you back among us again....
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