Marantz mm9000 vs parasound 855a


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Username: Kegger

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Registered: 12-2003
i have bought the parasound for $500 2 days ago and was offered the marantz for $700, now i am wondering if i should have gotten the marantz.

i have the extra $200 there seems to a big difference in wattage between the 2 (85 vs 150)

does anyone have opinions of the 2 both sonically
and power?

i have till thursday to return the parasound and get the marantz.

just wondering if there is quite a bit of difference between the 2.

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Username: Hawk

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I personally like the Parasound much better than the Marantz. I saw a real deal on the Marantz about a month ago so I went to audition one. I was rather disappointed in the sound which I found to be rather flat sounding--no real depth to the soundstage. Conversely, I have previously auditioned a number of Parasound amps and I have found them to be a very nice amp with an excellent sound. I would not have buyer's remorse over this one.

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Username: Kegger

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hawk i appreciate your advice as i have been combing the forums for quite some time now since
i have decided to go from 5.1 to 7.1 and have noticed your very informed responses and your liking for marantz (among others).

so i take it to heart when you suggest the parasound over the marantz.

one more question would be is there really that big of a power difference between the 2.



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Username: Kegger

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also i just thought of another question if anyone might know the answer or have an opinion.

i am using an hk525 for the preamp with a kenwood
m2a for my mains and the 855a for the rest.

what i am wondering is which would have more power

the parasound at 5x85 rated at 30amps or the
hk525 5x85 rated at 45amps?

thansk for any input!

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Username: Xman

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I would imagine the marantz has more power but
the parasond would sound better.

I'm not sure how much better the parasound would
sound or how much more power the marantz would have.

sorry that probably wasn't much help i haven't used any parasound equipment just what i've read
but have used marantz and i like there power and

it would be a tough choice for me too!

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The Parasound will definitely have more power than the HK. It will also be much more dynamic that the Marantz regardless of which produces the most power.

Like Hawk, I have not been impressed with the sound of the Marantz amp.
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