Websites to purchase Rotel or Integra receivers


I have been looking for websites to purchase receivers. I can't seem to find any for the Rotel RSX1055 & RSX1065. I'm also interested in the Integra DTR 7.2. Can anyone help?

I was also looking for these receivers, and they are simply not sold online. The only way to get a hold of them is to check out the specialty audio/video stores in your area. Both websites have location features where you can find a store in your city that carries them. Sorry.

BTW, good choices.

Well if you guys are still interested in the Integra DTR-7.2 I am about to star selling my unit which is only 8 months old and in mint condition and I mean ""MINT"" Its an excellent unit for my 6.1 channel system in my house but i am upgrading to the Pioneer Elite Vsx-49Tx 7.1 channel.The Integra unit is excellent its just that i want to upgrade to 7 speakers + the sub otherwise I will keep the unit. If anyone is interested please contact me at my e-mail.....


To Anonymous...I just went through the same quandary as go with the Rotel or the Integra. I came down on the side of the Integra, partly because I got a great deal on a close-out, and because of what I found to be greater flexibility with the Integra...and the sound was fantastic as well. Don't get me wrong, the Rotel is an outstanding product (and probably wins visual marks VS. the Integra), but rest assured that you'll be happy with the Integra and may save a buck or two over the 'branding' cost of the Rotel. One other point to keep in mind is that your system will only be as strong as its weakest component (i.e. speakers), and so the very subtle nuances between high-end receivers like these will be all but negligible unless you are spending serious cash on speakers and have a pure listening room in your home or apartment.

Check out their manuals...check our their remotes...for a fully integrated receiver it's as much about the little things as the big ones.
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