External amplifying 7.1 reciever, amp suggestions


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Username: Kegger

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i have an hk525 reciever with all channels driven
and i'd like to preamp out to all channels.i have
all the extra speakers allready.

i allready have 1 2channel(200watts a channel)amp
so i would like to purchase a 5 channel amp preferably with adjustable gains(but not a must)
and somewhere around 150x5 channels.(able to drive
4ohm would be nice)

budget would be $1000 or under i'm sure i could not get anything descent for around $500 but that
would be really nice.(maybe older model)

i know some of you will shun the idea but i like to tinker and will be powering half the basement
20x30 with 8 foot ceiling.

i am running 8 12" sub's 2 powered on the center channel and 6 powered by 200 watt amps.

needless to say i use the system mostly for movies
and when i want it really loud i can turn on the
second set of 7.1 speakers.

like i said i know this is not conventional but i
have been colleting speakers and amps for a while
and would like to experiment some more.

thanks for any help in this endevor!


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Username: Gman

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Outlaw Audio has a great 200 x 5 amp for $1299. Adcom has the GFA7605 125 watts x 5 for $795 at reliable audio and GFA7700 175 watts x 5 at $1189.
Also NAD 925THX 125 watts x 5 at $989.

You can always sign on to audiogon.com and poke around for used 5-channel amps.

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Username: Kegger

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thanks gman

what about the marantz mm9000

or the anthem mca 5

either one these any good? or descent price.

or others are still welcome!

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Username: Kegger

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Registered: 12-2003
i just got back from doing some shopping and 1 place i went gave me a price on 2 amps.

the parasound 855a i know it's only 85x5 but $500
out the door.

or the marantz mm9000 for $700 plus tax.

any thoghts on either one of these.

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Username: Heff

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These guys had the Adcom 7700 for $900 a while back, and now they have the Marantz MM9000 delivered for $699.99.

While it's nice to have a local source to hear what's out there, it's also nice to be able to purchase from authorized internet dealers too.

Save some $$$ b/c Christmas is coming!

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Username: Gman

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Registered: 12-2003
If you are experimenting, try Outlaw Audio's mono channel 200 watt amps. I think they are $299 each and I know they used to have a deal if you bought 4 they threw in the 5th.

Or you can try looking at Audiogon.com and looking for used amps that have the capabilities that you are looking for.
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