Marantz7300 or NAD753 for Energy C-6 HT System?


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I currently have a set of HT speakers from the "classic" Energy Connoisseur line consisting of C-6 (mains), AC-300 (centre), C-2 (surrounds) and have no plans to replace them.

As my digital source for music and movies I am using a Toshiba SD3750 dvd player.

The room is 14'x29' and the sofa will be situated 10' from the tv.

I am going to purchase a new receiver and have narrowed the search down to the Marantz 7300 and NAD 753.

Currently, the system will be used for both music and HT (50/50), but after a few years will be used strictly for HT.

This Connoisseur line has aluminum dome/cloth suspension tweeters and I am concerned about excessive tweeter brightness in music sources; however, I would also like something that is reasonably true to the source (i.e. no errors of addition or omission).

Can I achieve this goal?

Also, in the Energy brochure it states that the C-6 has a room efficiency rating of 92db and an anechoic sensitivity of 89db. Which rating is used when trying to select a reciever (i.e. will the NAD 753 at 70 watts be powerful enough to drive my Energy speakers with an efficiency rating of ??db)?

I would appreciate any and all advice.

Thank you in advance.

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I know you will have a hard time understanding this, but the 70 wpc NAD has much more power than does the 105 wpc Marantz. The key here is which produces the most current, and that is the NAD, which has a bigger power supply. However, either should have more than enough power to drive your speaker system, which is very efficient. The Canadian speaker makers (Energy, PSB, Paradigm) are getting a little strange about their speaker efficiency ratings by giving both numbers, but it only really matters so long as you are comparing apples to apples. Since most speaker makers specify their products based upon an anechoic rating, I would lean to using that number if it is important to you.

I would love to suggest something, but I do not have a dependable Energy dealer in my town--they all complain that API (the parent) is too hard to deal with and so I have yet to hear the C-6s. However, both receivers are rather warm sounding, but the Marantz is a little more laid back sounding than the NAD, so that may help you in understanding how they differ in sound and which may sound better with your speakers. Ultimately, you may need to audition them both to see which one you like better with your speakers. Both the Marantz and the NAD have a certain sweetness in their sound, so I don't think you can go wrong either way.

Good luck and happy holidays!
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