Yamaha RX-V2400 vs. Denon AVR 3803, once again


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I just found this site yesterday and am really impressed with the depth of knowledge that y'all possess, and your willingness to help newbies like me.

Pandering having been finished, my dilemma is this:

I have a new Mitsu 73713 HDTV that I must upgrade the rest of my HT system to use. I now have a Yamaha RX-V2090. It served me well.

I am buying the new Denon DVD-5900 DVD player. For the receiver, I am trying to decide between the Yammie RX-V2400, and the Denon AVR-3803. I have read all the various threads comparing the two, and it seems to me that all I am giving up by buying the older Denon is the DPL-IIx capability and the automatic setup thingie that the Yamaha has. I don't want to wait until spring for the new Denon to come out.

This whole system is in a very large great room that is about 50 feet by 25 feet, with the full complement of nine speakers, plus the subwoofer. All speakers are Polk Audio (mains are LS-90). I will get HDTV input from Dish Network. Unlike what seems to be the norm, I will use it about 90/10 for HT rather than music.

How much am I really giving up by foregoing the Dolby IIx and other features the new Yammy has? Is there an advantage to both the receiver and DVD player being Denons? Are there benefits the Denon has over the Yamaha? Why was mankind created only to suffer and die?

Any guidance that y'all can provide me will be greatly appreciated.

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Just my opinion but I would not buy either Denon or Yamaha with Polk. Not that Polk's are overly bright[like Klipsch] but I think they sound best with a more mellow sounding receiever. I have owned Polk and both receiever brands so I do have experience with them. I really like the Polks and would recommend Marantz, Elite, H/K and NAD for the best sound. There are some great closeouts on the H/K 7200[under $1000] and for the money I don't think it can be beat. Great sound and awesome power.
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