Do Home Theater systems require a special DVD player??


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Well I have the Energy 5.2 with sub woofer ordered and a NAD T742. Both should be in next week. But the more I read and hear people talking about DVD players and the price they paid I'm wondering if I'm going to have to go out and spend more money. I have a regular old Pioneer DVD player I got last year for I think 180.00 Will this work or will it not process the channels? And secondly, I'm just hooking up my TV, hopefully DVD and maybe VCR if possible. What am I going to need for hook up besides speaker wire that does not come with the Reciever or speakers. As you can tell I'm new and dumb to all this. Any help would be appreciated

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1. Your DVD player will be fine for playing movies. The only way you would need to upgrade is if you want to be able to listen to DVD-Audio...then you will have to buy something else.

2. No cables will come with the receiver or speakers. How many cables you need will depend on what types of inputs you have on your tv. Let us know what types/how many inputs you have on your tv and we can tell you exactly. You also say that you want to hook up your tv to your receiver. For what purpose? For most people, this is unnecessary. If you want to watch normal tv broadcasts using the sound from the receiver, you can always just run it through the VCR, which will be connected anyway. You could also connect your satellite or cable box directly to the receiver. Either of these will get rid of some cables and confusion.
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