OK guys...I've got 2000$


and I want to set up a home theater, Im thinking of the 600$ Kenwood Vr6070, and am looking for ideas on how to spend the remaining 1400$ on speakers. Any ideas??

Thanks guys.

Try the Epic 40 Home Theater Speaker Package from Axiom Audio for $1444.

leonard brisebois
Athena Technologies Audition Series have had several good reviews and are an excellent bargain. Check out the website at http://www.athenaspeakers.com/
Paradigms are also excellent.

Check out the updated System Guide at Audioholics for some great suggestions in your approximate price range.

Its a good breakdown for all different Home Theatre pieces...

M. L. Burns
I would recomend going to reputable dealer and listening to different speakers and let our ears tell you which ones to get. You will be able to tell a difference even if you are not an audiophile. If you cant hear them first I would say look for some place else to purchase speakers

Michael Schieck
Here's one from a rookie...
I'm looking for a reciever in the 500 to 700 dollar range and I'm currently considering the vr6070, the htr-5550 and 5560 Yamaha's or the Sony str-de985. I'm working with a pair of JBL S312's and a PB10 sub. What are your thoughts on these recievers and what others might I want to consider? Judging from the amount of info on this site I'm sure you guys can point me in the right direction and away from the rocks.

Alford Holland
Jonathan, I think that the Kenwood is a very good receiver. If you listen to a lot of music in stereo you might find other receivers that are more pleasing but for home theater this receiver is tops for the price. Have you listened to any Paradigm speakers. They are excellent for their price. I have the Paradigm Monitor 11's with a CC370 center channel. With a little negotiating you should be able to get them for the $1400 including taxes. Does the $1400 have to include a sub woofer. The Kenwood 6070 and Paradigm is an excellent combo even without a sub. You can get a sub later. Also check out the Polk's.
Michael, My personal preference of your choices is the Kenwood. My experience with Yamaha's has been that they distort the sub woofer. Again my opinion but the Kenwood is much more dynamic than Yamaha or Sony. M.L. gives good advice, listen before you buy. Make the choice on what you like and not entirely on other opinions.
Have fun and enjoy the challenge of finding what is right for you.

Jonathan - you can't go wrong with energy speakers Take 5.2 with an S8 subwoofer - you can get it all for around $900 - they are very compact and sound very big. They sound very good for music as well (maybe a little weak in the middle ranges, but you can adjust the crossover and find domething that works just fine). good luck!
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