Rotel RMB-1075 vs Parasound HCA-1205A


Sorry if I posted in the wrong forum. I am thinking of adding a 5 channel power amp to my HT setup. Currently using a Marantz SR5300. But after I heard horror stories in this forum about Marantz frying speakers, I have decided to add a power amp, using the Marantz as a pre amp. It will be safer and also hope improve sound quality.

Due to my tight budget, I have narrowed to these 2 amps. I am using a pair of AE Evo 1 for my front and rear surround as well as Infinity Alpha center. Sub is Mirage frx S8.

My main aim is good stereo. I usually listen to symphonies with ocassional Jazz and movies. I am not into serious HT thus sticking with 5.1 setups.

Thanks for your help.

I guess I've always been very partial to Parasound. The HCA-1205A is a nice unit. I haven't done so yet, but want to do some similar with a separate amp for my Paradigm Eclipse/BPs (and center). Although I was looking at the HCA-1000A and buying 3 of those for bi-amping my front array (L/C/R)... yeah, a little more expensive than just buying the 1205A or 2205A.

I heard my speakers (the Eclipses) in the audio store and they were hooked up with to a Parasound 1500. It was really nice. Hopefully, when I finish my current project (A-Bus and distributed audio/video) I'll have one (or more) Parasound amps as part of my A/V rack.

Nice... I guess I can keep dreaming... maybe someone will buy me some Parasound amps for Christmas. For now, my little H/K 525 will have to do. Maybe they'll through in a old Lexicon DC1... I'm not spoiled... I don't need the MC-12.
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