HK vs other receivers


Ok... I have
(F) Polk RTi70
(C) Polk Csi245
(R) Polk f/x 300
(Sub) Polk PSW 350
- mostly viewing movies/

I need a receiver... Need some user opinions on the following (below is what i was looking at, and my cost for each)

HK 430 ($575), Onkyo TX-NR801 ($999), Sony ES STR-DA3000ES ($799), Sony ES STR-DA2000ES ($599), Sony ES STR-DA1000ES ($399)

I'm looking for most bang for my buck, and a receiver that is of high quality (not is the shop alot)

Please some help

Skip the Sony's. Very bright and poor power supplies. If the H/K has all the features and inputs you need it's my pick from your list. In the Onkyo line I would also look at the 701 as it's 200 cheaper than the 801 and might meet your needs. For the price of the 801 there are others I would recommend like the Marantz7300 or 7400, the Elite 43,45 or new 53 and the NAD 752,762. All are good match's with your Polks which are very nice IMO.

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elitefan, thanks... the HK meet all my needs for now... later who knows.

I've HK has had some QA issues with some receivers in the lineup. Does anybody know if its related to a specific model or HK overall??

I really want some decent quality (I realize i'm in the $500-$800 range; get what you paid, etc)

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I would also skip the sony's. I like HK alot and you would be very happy with the sound. I listened to HK with Polks and they sound very nice. Go with the HK.

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I thought I had things resolve... then I looked at the Polk forums and they are all for Denon - something I nver considered. Most of the folks suggested the AVR 3803 ($999) - they say its a better receiver for the Polk...

any thoughts about Denon?

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I have owned the 3803 and have had Polks and the 3803 would be a very bad combination IMO. Polks are not terribly bright but do better with a bit more laid back receiver than the 3803. The 3803 is very bright and has lots of vocal sibilance[at least mine did]. It drove me nuts. I prefer a warmer, more full sound like Elite, H/K, Marantz.
Let your ears be your guide.

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i'm in agreement w/elitefan. H/K is an easy pick giving great bang/buck performance.

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Thanks for you feedback... I'll pick up a hk 430 by christmas!!!
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