Help with sony receiver speaker setup


Okay i just happened to aquire a Sony STRDE995 home audio receiver without any instructions. I know basically nothing except some fundamental things about audio equipment. This reciever has 7 outputs and I am confused as to how i am suppose to hook the speakers upto it. I would like to setup a surround sound system for watching movies but also use it to listen to music. I have six speakers that I had before getting this receiver. I have two sets (4 speakers) of Pioneer tower speakers (old but
sound okay to me) and two Bose smaller bookshelf speakers. Now my HDTV has built in speakers that can be set to be used as a center speaker. The receiver has 3 channles for the front surround and 4 channles for the rear surround. what would be the best placement of the speakers? where shoudl i place the tower units vs the bookshelf units? Do i need any more/different speakers? Any helpl would be appreciated.


I had one of those STRDE995/Bs before.

1. change your HDTV setting to make the internal speakers act as center
2. connect HDTV to Center speaker terminals on rcvr
3. connect your best set of towers to the "A" speaker (L/R) terminals (facing listening area)
4. connect your two other towers to the surround (L/R) terminals (parallel to listening area, facing listeners)
5. connect your two bose bookshelf to the surround BACK (L/R) terminals (facing front speakers, behind listening area)

There are surely some better speakers you could use/buy. I leave it to others who are up on the latest deals...

To really do this nicely (proper), you should have matched speakers in the front left-center-right (L/C/R) speakers. Well matched rear speakers (timbrel match) are also nice to have. A sub-woofer is also a must for matrix (DTS/DD) sound and to give that emphasis on those explosions!

What model of speakers are those anyhow?
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