I'm about to bite the bullet and buy, any suggestions before I do?


Well, I've listened to the debates that have been raging over different brands especially NAD. I've heard from people for NAD and people that say NAD is over priced. The only problem is that the people that are AGAINST NAD offer no suggestions that I can afford. For some reason the ones that they say are the same price, when I look are hundreds more. I'm about 99% sold at this point on the following combination and would appreciate any constructive suggestions. Keep in mind I do not have much money to spare, I'm just trying to get the best system I can for the cheapest price without having to get a box system from a major retailer. My choice at this point is a NAD T742 receiver, and a Energy 5+1 speaker system which comes with 4 satelite speakers, center speaker and Sub Woofer. The Nad 742 is currently 449.00 plus 30.00 shipping US and the Satelite 5+1 system is 485.00 plus 39.00 shipping. I'm going to use this almost exclusively for movies and TV. Currently I have nothing and listen to Movies and TV thru the TV's built in speakers, so I have a hard time believing I could be disapointed. So any last minute suggestions you could give would be appreciated as I need to order quickly to ensure Christmas delivery. Does anyone know if there is even a big difference between Energy 5+1 and Energy 5.2 system? And I had heard Outlaw recommended but as far as I can see they no longer even offer Receivers, only amplifiers.
David Hickey


Outlaw used to offer receivers, but they sold out of them and are not making more. They are supposed to be producing a new one, but as far as I know, it is still on the drawing boards. The only way you could get one now is to get a refurb. I think you have made an excellent choice in the NAD and the Energy speakers. Please let us know how you like it after you get it all set up. Good luck!!

I sell both energy packages. The 5.2 systems comes with the S82 sub which is a more powerful, accurate sub. Also, the 5.2 system has high gloss finish, mounting brackets, and comes with an aluminum coated tweaters. Also they have bigger drivers and use rubber surrounds. Typically the 5.2 system is sold withouth the sub, and you can purchase any sub to match it. For movies and music, I definitely would go with the 5.2 system over the 5.1. It sounds quite a bit better.
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