What receiver would mate well with NHT's


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could someone anyone chime-in!

Realy any receiver would do as long as it has enough power to drive to the levels you want and has the features and connectivity you need. Try to stay above the Sony, Pioneer, Aiwa level though. I don't know which How Hear This you have and the size of your room or what you listen to but Onkyo and Denon make great receivers in the $300-$800 range especially with regard to connectivity. Rotel and NAD above that.

Hope that helps.

I say Onkyo or Yamaha. The NHTs tend to be a tad too soft. I think a slightly brighter receiver would match with the NHTs nicely. Look into the Onkyo 701 or the Yamaha 1400.



Which NHTs do you have? And, do you have a budget?

Has NHT changed their sound characteristics because the NHT models I have heard over the years have been anything but soft. The models I heard were a bit on the bright side. Just wondering since I have not heard them in a few years and my former NHT dealer dropped the line.
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