Magnipan MMG vs. MG1.6 sound quality


wonderful to know your still among the living dead. Very much look forward to your eloquent and generous postings. Being the neophyte I am, you knowledge has led me well. Now the proud owner of a NAD 762 Receiver and a pair of MMG speakers. If you'd be so kind, I have a few questions.

1) What are the differences in sound quality between the MMG's and the MG1.6's?

2) I'd like to assemble a nice "surround sound" package incorporating Maggies (MMG's or 1.6's). For a Center channel, is there an alternative to the MGCC3 of comparable value (different brand maybe) will match the magnipan mains, with a lesser price tag? If the synergistic quality is significantly better with the CC3, I'd be happy to purchase it. Just curious if, from a price point, there might be something equivalent?

3) And finally, what would you recommend for the surround speakers.

I've never posted anything on any board for any reason. Aside from the advice I solicit, I'd be remissed not to thank you for the volumes of advice you unselfishly offer.


Sorry, Added this to the wrong area. I re-entered it on the speaker forum.

My apologies
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