Another Question about Settings:Small/Large Speakers??


Jeff Plous
I have the monitor audio s8s along with a monitor audio silver center 12i for my center channel. I have a sub (temp til I can afford a good one, but its a jbl) I have a pioneer elite 45tx and Im wondering what you would set the speakers to size wise? I have everything set to small right now.
BTW I did end up keeping the 12i simply bc it goes lower and higher than the SLCR. And in use it has been great thus far.

I prefer to use the large speaker setting for music. Having a sub on for music reminds me of the first time I saw bose speakers with the saleman in a cheap suit. I feel dirty now.

In all seriousness, I think they sound better by themselves.

Do whatever you think sounds better.

Jeff Plous
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