Home Theater Recievers?


I am in the market for a new reciever.
I previously owned a Sony stde 945 but because of problems in equipment and service here I am looking once again!!

I am currently looking at an Onkyo TXDS787 100wx6.6.1 THX reciever .I am shopping at CircuitCity and it is selling for $999.00.

My question is any opinions out there on this brand and model and any better prices available?

Any and all opinions will be appreciated!

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Ok for one don't shop at Circuit City they have some of the worst service I have ever seen. Now back to your question. Are you totally sold on the Onkyo or would you like to look around. You can easily get a Yamaha for about the same or cheaper or even more expensive.

I personally have a Sony a Older STR-DE925 it works great. I don't know much about the new Sony receivers. I haven't heard of anything wrong with them Maybe I'll see whats the deal.

Heres my suggestions:
Denon - expensive but good.

If you like Sony brand, I would recommend the Sony 555ES receiver, this is one of the extremely good quality built receiver. I don't know that you ever own a Sony ES product, the ES series are excellent and the performance is outstanding. There are no plastic parts in this one so the weight of this receiver is very heavy, the standard warranty is 5 years. I know that at this time you can get this receiver for less than $900 (Crutchfield has $300 discount on this one right now). You may want also to check out the Pioneer Elite THX certified series....
Good luck

Circuit City is fine, just make sure you learn about the products before you buy. The sales reps are not much help.

Look at Onkyo and Harman Kardon. Both are excellent. I have a Harman Kardon AVR 310 and could not be happier. I have also owned Onkyo in the past and have been pleased.

I have a Denon AVR-3801 that I picked up online for $850. It's the best A/V receiver under $1000 IMHO. (Though MSRP is over $1000) I don't like Onkyo, Sony, or Yamaha. I looked at Denon, Marantz, Pioneer Elite, Harmon Kardon, Nakamichi, and a couple others. The 3801/3802 were the best, value and feature wise.

buy onkyo or denon or even yamaha but stay away from sony

Unless you watch nothing but DVDs with DD or DTS 5.1, I'd recommend a model with DPLII, such as the Onkyo 797 or Denon 3802. Also, pay attention to the remote that comes with the receiver; a bad remote will make setup and operation a lot less enjoyable.

I bought the Onkyo 797. Don't get it!!!!
It fried two of my speakers which I had to repair (for free thankfully) and quit working in 3 days!!!!

I took at back and got a full refund however. Thanks but no thanks Circut City.

After months of reviews and research, i finally trimmed down my choices between Onkyo TXSR600 and TXDS797. Judging the size of my room i think 80WPC is ample enough, but a number of criticism regarding wattage drop-out make me think twice. Is this positive? This points me to consider 797 instead, i get more wattage and THX cert.
How big a step forward 797 from 600? Is it worth the additinal bucks?
Thank you very much.

I just puchaced a Rotel 1065. it's awsome. sound is great, easy to use. This thing has attitude.

Ive heard too many bad things about onkyo; I would stray from them... Id suggest HK and Rotel

If you have ample fundings I suggest go for the TOP OF THE LINES. if you go cheap, you get what you've paid for(low quality!)regardless of brand. Here's some models you need to audition:

1. Denon 5800 series
2. Pioneer 49-TX series
3. Onkyo TX-989DS series

Warning! These are at least over $2,500.00 a copy but these are the hard hitters. I have an Onkyo TX-989DS I purchased during one of my trip in JAPAN, Real awesome match with my B&W speakers. I picked mine, it's your turn. Goodluck and enjoy!

I would go with what sounds the best to your ears, and take some of your own listing, watching material to make a good judgement. I have a Harmon avr 220 and it sounds really nice and sweet for a budget but a good tech. device 192 pross. ect, and Logic 7 still beats the hell out of Dolby Pro Logic 1 or 2.

Need your help.

I would like to buy B&W 602/601 series 3 speakers and trying to find a good receiver. My options are Yamaha 730, Denon 1803 and Onkyo 700. What would you guys recommend?


Don, I think that you will find that Onkyo rates their receivers with only one channel driven. When all channels are driven the output is usually 20% less than rated. I have owned the Onkyo 797 and I now own the Integra 8.2. Both have ample power regardless of their ratings.
The new Kenwood 60 series are rated @100 watts.
The November edition of Sound and Vision Has a review of the Kenwood 6070 ($600) and it peaked at 92 watts with all six channels driven.
I also have a Kenwood 6070. I purchased this unit because my Integra has been at the warranty repair center for 4 weeks. This is my second Integra. The first one was replaced by Onkyo because it failed within 30 days. I am disappointed in their quality to say the least.
The Kenwood sounds much better to me in home theater but not in stereo music.
I have also owned Yanaha and Denon. Personally, I think that the new Kenwood's are better than anything that I have heard for less than %2500.
Good luck on finding the receiver that suits you.

I bought my Onkyo TXDS797 8 months ago. I think for the $ it gives you tons of feattures. I never had a problem with it and the setup was simple. I have it bi-amped with my Outlaw 750 feeding Wharfedale pacifice series. Excellent sound for movies and music in my opinion.


I would go with either, the HK 525, Pioneer elite VSX-43TX or the sony 4es. They all play the current sounds from DTS, Dolby Digital, to DTS-es and Dolby Digital ex. One thing the pioneer elite is THX certfied and still the same price as the HK or Sony.

I bought the denon avr3802 last year and it has by far the best reciever I have ever owned. It provides very clear and transparent sounds that you would think what ever source your listeninig to is taking place at home. I have the klipsch reference speakers connected to this receiver and there is no other setup for the many that I have heard that could beat the sound produced by these. The reciever may be a little bit over or under $1000.00 depending where you shop, and the klipsch spearker package I chose was the rf3's, although I have four of them, the 12 inch reference subwoofer and two center channels (one for the front and another for the rear for the 6.1). I tried filling in the rear with another rf3, but the dealer where I bought them from wouldn't allow it. Anyhow, if your really looking foward in investing some money for a system that is going to provide you with the best in sound and in quality, in my opinion the choice is to go with the avr3802. Although it lacks the THX cerification, true THX requires two subwoofers in order to truley enjoy it. I have tried other receivers from sherwood whitecastle, sony es, pioneer elite, and yamaha. The only way I would give up denon at this point would be if I could afford a krell system.


Blows others away!

These kinds of comments from Anon above are useless. DENONDENON...please...if you have nothing to say, say nothing. I've owned Denon and will not own them again. The reciever died after 5 years of piddling use and frankly NEVER sounded very well voiced or staged on music.

After looking at everything in my price range ($1000) I chose the HK AVR525 for it's unmatched feature set and stunning sound.

Anon...go home and turn yer Denon up real loud in headphones...

Al Holland
All Denons that I have owned had very poor sound quality also.

I bought a pair of Polk tower speakers many years ago, and a few years later added smaller center speaker & rear speakers (Polks)- they are all about 6 ohms. Originally I had a Yamaha integrated stereo amp that had fantastic sound but I bought a more modern Onkyo because of the old Dolby Pro-Logic. I am looking for a new reciever or integrated stereo amp that will handle low impedance speakers for VHS or DVD (when I get one) Will I have a problem with my old speaker setup = 2 larger speakers, 3 smaller speakers, adding a subwoofer in the future? How do the new Yamaha & Onkyo compare in the $500-$600 range? Tom B.

Yeah like the h1pt3r said "Harmon Kardon AVR525" If i had a grand to spend i'd have no problem grabin that reciever! I've heard both the onky and HK 525 on the same speakers and wow what a freakin difference! The HK AVR525 hands down!

two words "crazy eddy" I got my H/K 525 for a Song ~$600. And it IS great!


Thanks for the recommendation - I will check out the Harmon Kardon line - the room only measures 15' x 12' - Because the speakers take up so much space, my wife wanted me to buy smaller speakers - I don't have extra money to change the whole setup but I have had the same demo/floor model Onkyo for 9 years. Tom

I also agree with the recent quality of Denon products. I had purchased a Denon integrated amp and was not happy with the sound or the power it seemed to lack. I took it back and went with the Yamaha 2092 which, to my ears anyway, sounded much cleared in the high end, and seemingly could product a much greater bass punch without sounding "strained." Of course, I suppose much of this is subjective and has a lot to do with your speakers, other equipment, listening room, and so forth.

Eventually, I recently bought a pair of NAD C270 stereo amps and bridged them together to drive my two main channels which pulls about 400 watts per channel at 6 ohms. I was a bit surprised how adding extra power seems to really help with sound quality - not just "quantity."


Phil Krewer

All you really have to do is look at the the reviews. Even Cnet said the 3802 was the best sounding reciever they heard and the 3803 is the highest rated receiver. Makes you wonder doesn't it.

I was also looking at the Denon 3802, but the reviews are mixed. In the same price range, I am getting the Arcam AVR 200 or the NAD T762 (or T752 + a power amp). Which would be best? I liked the sound of the Arcam the best, but it lacks 7.1 & 6.1 . Is this an issue? Also it does not have component video switching. Does this mean anything?

Phil Krewer

We must be looking at different reviews. I count 8 expert reviews listed on this site and 7 of them are glowing. That's hardly mixed, but then maybe I'm blind.


I would be quite careful with any NAD AV recievers. The models that you specifically mention's predecessors were horrible in the quality control areas. Do a search on Audioreview for T751 and T761...these were $1000 receivers that can now be had for $400-600 refurbed. The reason is that so many of them developed hums or discrete amps simply stopped working.

The NAD salesman always say that if you want "music first" then you need get NAD. Other than the teutonic styling, the receivers are clearly *inferior" to my HK-AVR525. I know I had a tech do a comparision as I was going to return the HK for the NAD.

The result was that the HK offered more high-current that the NAD, had a far more powerful amp section, had "pure audio" paths configurable on ALL inputs (bypassing all digitizing and processing between input and volume), and just simply sounded better. I won't even go into how UNconfigurable the NAD was, or that its pre/pro for a "theater" receiver was totally anemic. Again, salesmen will claim that the NAD is less feature driven and more quality driven, but the technician that compared them told me just the opposite. And then how they sounded...simple the NAD sounded warmer, the HK sounded more open and detailed.

Go out and listen, salespeople are a joke, and ultimately do you want to hear their endorsements in your livingroom , or a system you listened to and know pleases you.

My HK with M&K K-7s across the front stage is AMAZING...I mean AMAZING!

Good luck,


I meant reviews by people who have used it & I myself have heard it. Unfortunately the showroom selling Denon here has very average speakers, so I can't really compare.

Thanks a lot. I will try to check out the HK. But they sell a very limited low end range in India. Not introduced any in the $700 - 1000 range.
has anyone got the Arcam? and do they find it under powered? Although the sound was great, it seemed to lack some volume especially for a large room. Also no 6.1

Phil Krewer

This is not really the site to talk about non mainstream receivers. You might want to try this site. http://www.audioasylum.com

BTW the average user review for the 3802 is 4.6 and the 3803 is 4.81. Those are very high. Check out audioreview.com

Is there a huge difference between a Pioneer 811-s and a Pioneer Elite 43-tx? beside the THX certification?

Onkyo is a great reciever. I would stay away from sony and yamaha they blow. Denon and Harman/kardon are both great recievers also. I own the harman/kardon avr 8000 and it is a great reciever. It is not cheap however I paid 2,800.00 for my reciever.

Also Circuit City is great. They are always knowledgable, and they always have what I am looking for.

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gordon christensen
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ok if you want a quality receiver your not gonna get one for cheap any of the low end DENON will blow sony harmon kardon onkyo and a lot of other brands away DENON is the ultimate receiver you might have to pay a little but trust me it will be worth it Denon makes a quality reciever i suggest the avr-1803 or you could really high end and go for the anthem avm-20 if you wanna spend about 4,500 but WOW nothing will beat the anthem after that i would proably go for denon for sure

"Also Circuit City is great. They are always knowledgable, and they always have what I am looking for"

Sounds like you have an awesome receiver...but are you sure about the above comment? CC employees knowledgeable about their products?

Do it All Recievers normally cost more..."get what you pay for" OR is that so? I take music personal and enjoy the highest quality (I can afford) sometime's one may get lucky as when I stumbled across the YAMAHA R-V1105 for a unbelievable $139.oo WITH Warranty in box.
For 2 year's this Digital Signal Processor as provided more power than most anyone would need.The QUALITY is excellent...nothing like Digital Music straight from the Satellite, there is a multitude of input/output jack's, SVHS, Phono and lots of speaker connections....4 mains-A & B, Rear, Front , Sub driven by somewhere around 125 watts x 5, not sure what model has replaced this one but it would be a sure bet to meet or surpass any expectations.

This thread has to be considered useless with so many contradicting opinions so I won't go there. I would like to ask why are you not considering any models that are considered a little more esoteric than your run-of-the-mill Circuit City stuff? For this price range you should be looking at Rotel, B&K, Anthem & Outlaw separates.

does anyone know what is between the pioneer 811 reciever and the elite sysems?

I have a Nad T751, and it sounds great. Ok video and digital connections at the back are a little bit on the low side on this particulat model, but its built like a tank and wieghs about 18Kg which says somthing as regards to the transformer built in. Just don't forget that most amps are just rated with 2 channels driven together were the nads are rated with all channels driven! I have no humming probs on mine and the quality and internal processing is first rate. The built internal layout is simple and very easy to work on.

I can recommend any NAd Products especially the the T752 and T762 Av recievers. If you want 6.1 amplifcation go for the later model.

shut up loser nad suck

could anyone give me a rating on the JVC 8020? I wanna buy it because it has that preamp output for 6.1 and 7.1, but Im not sure about buying it. Right now i have JVCs last years model, 8010 and its ok but theres a few problems with it. I ws just woundering if I should switch to a whole new brand. Any reconmmendations.

now now no nead for profanity i bought the Kenwood Vr-6070 on sale(its being blown out right now because its being replaced by the new ones 599.99-379.99) its amazing for both music and movies!

Izo Besares
I'm about to purchase the new Rotel RSX-1065. I've read only good things about it. It was the only make/model that had strictly positive reviews from a variety of sources. Before I jump off the deep end (I'm sure I'm looking at about $1800), is there anyone out there with any last minute advice, suggestions, praise, horror stories, etc? Thanks so much.


why do you feel the need for an $1800 reciever?If it has features you need thats one thing,but i never understand the extra cost that many feel the need to spend on something they really don't understand.I have seen people spend in excess of $10,000 dollars on home systems and for what they use it for,they could have spent half that amount and not missed anything.More expensive does not always mean better quality.It should mean more options and features.But if it has features you don't need don't use or don't know how to use,why spend the extra cash?Just food for thought.Don't be afraid to buy something you like,even if it doesn't have everyones seal of approval.go and listen to the recievers you are interested in,start on the low end and work your way up to where you are comfortable with the price and peformance.Just my opinion.

Izo Besares
Thanks for your reply, superfecta. I guess I thought, since I am somewhat of a novice, that I'd do as much research as possible before I set out to build my system. All my homework has led me to the conclusion that this product in sound quality, ease of use, and reliability, is probably the best in it's price range (according to hundreds of reviews I read from both consumers and publications). I would never purchase something without actually listening to it (that is, after all, the whole point of this endeavor...sound), but being prepared when venturing into showrooms and salesmen territory, is not a bad idea. I plan to purchase the unit next weekend, so I'll be testing quite a few receivers until this time. I just thought I'd get a little feedback from some fellow enthusiasts on the receiver I felt seemed most promising. So, if there's anyone out there who would like to share any first hand experiences with Rotel, and this model (RSX-1065) in particular, I would surely appreciate any info. Thanks again.

Rod Morse
Anybody have any thoughts on ordering an NAD T762 online from a non-authorized dealer? I have to drive 100 miles to get one from the closest authorized shop, where I get a real warranty for $1299, while I can order it online, warranty handled by the seller (not NAD) for $988. The online seller gets good ratings by Yahoo Shopping, but...? Is the product the same, or am I getting a sub-quality product online? Does anyone have any experience to share in this area?

tom otis
hello everyone!!!

i would like to know professional opinion about vsx 45tx???
and one more thing is vsx 45tx high current or can be safely operated with high current( monster power hts 3500mkII)
please let me know

I just bought the Pioneer VSX-43TX. All I say is, this machine is awsome. Sound is crystal clear without any hiss. Remote takes some getting use to, though. But then again, no remote currently available are flawless. All in all, a solid piece of machine anyone would appreciate.

K Davis
If your looking for an exceptional receiver, you can't go past the NAD T762. The sound is fantastic, far better than the 'gismotronic' Pioneer and others. I had a Pioneer for the last 3 years and thought it was great - until I heard the NAD, The quality and build are just brilliant, and performance is fantastic for both cinema and music. I have a just built a house, and have a cinema with a separate media room for all the kit. The only addition I have made is the inclusion of a 218THX Power amp for the front speakers, The T762 allows you to use any Power Amp channel for any speaker, so I have taken the original front amp channels and made them into the rear effects giving true 7.1.

Don't bother with THX certification - this is an additional cost for something that can only be truly produced in a dedicated lab syle sound room.

I have both the NAD t752 and the Rotel RSX-1055 in my house right now. I'm doing an a/b. Just in case anyone is interested I have psb Stratus and sacd for reference. The Rotel is good but not worth an additional 500.00 for my ears. The NAD has a warmer, almost tube-like quality. The Rotel is more forward in the midrange. The nad has a more extended bass response especially down low. I feel, on my setup, the Rotel has more treble and less bass. More of a solid state sound as opposed to a tube sound. I am upgrading from a Sony333es receiver that had lots of options but musically it just didn't drive the better speakers well. The Sony es did surround very well but I like listening to music, esp. sacd quite a bit and was looking for a receiver that did both well.

Everyones ears/setup are different so don't trust anyone that says "this is the right piece of equipment." That is just immaturity and testosterone speaking. We are talking about music and enjoyment here, not "my car is faster than yours." If it's art we are after, everyones experience is different so go with your own.

Having said that, my money is on the NAD right now. I think where Rotel excels is when you get into separates. Also listen to Arcam/Denon/Marantz if possible. The best thing to do is take it home and pair it with your system. Systems match very differently and what sounds good on one, doesn't necessarily sound good on another.

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Picasso

I read all the complaints about the NAD t761 on audioreview.com and I still bought the product as a close-out for $700. I'm not someone who would look to the internet for balanced opinions about stereo equipment. Besides, even the most expensive equipment on the market will break occasionally. Acura makes one of the most reliable, successful automobiles on the market, but Acura websites are full of complaints from unhappy owners.

I've been an NAD user for many, many years and the bottom line is the products have always been clean, simple, warm and high quality for a reasonable price. The only time I ever had a problem with my NAD equipment it was resolved with very little effort.

The key is to buy from a reputable dealer. Don't buy this type of product on the internet, and don't take people on the internet too seriously: After all, who the heck are these people?

I am thinking of buying either a harman kardon AVR 225 or a denon 1803 which one do you recommend. Thank you

Sorry i posted the wrong receiver models the harman kardon is an avr 125 and a denon 1403
I know there not the greatest receivers but its all i can afford this is going to be my first home theatre system any help would be appreciated
about which one is better to buy.

kcdrummer, you said it right when you compared the NAD T752 with the Rotel 1055 RSX. I've build my own speakers on Eton and Dynaudio drivers with custom built x-over. They're very analytical in their sound and revealed Rotel's "stainless steel" sound versus NAD's "burnished copper". I even didn't recognise some of my recordings when using the Rotel. It made some instruments sound exessively shrill, especially a saxophone or trumpet's higher register. Try Dick Perry's saxophone solo on Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" or Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue". Also with classical music, soprano's "s" and "t" pronounciations sounded very uncomfortable. It almost seems like Rotel turns stereo into 2-channel sound effects.

I also owned and tested the NAD T761, Arcam AVR 200 and Marantz SR7300. The Arcam uses some older technology from the T761. It actually has the T761 setup menu. No subwoofer x-over settings, just the fixed 100 Hz x-over point. The Arcam would sometimes not switch to Dolby PLII when loading a Dolby Surround DVD.(Not even manually). The Arcam sounded very close to the NAD T752 albeit somewhat brighter.

Right now I own the NAD T762 and I think it's as good as I can do when looking for good stereo in a AV receiver without paying a small fortune. It does have some little annoyances however. The fan is always on and audible, although very faint. The volume can't be turned down to a whisper. It cuts off the sound at the -53 dB setting. (Marantz would do so at a much better -71 dB.)

E Watson
In Australia - Just came back from a shop today where I auditioned the NAD T752 and an Arcam AVR 200 A/V receiver using good wuality B&W speakers.

Without doubt for me, the NAD was much warmer and vocals/instruments were much better located on the soundstage. The sales rep preferred the Arcam - but I just couldn't agree on that one.

So far I have auditioned Yamaha units(transformers have too few KVA's for me), Harman Kardon (AVR 5550 - not bad - THD figures and S/N ratio leaves a bit to be desired though [I currently use a H/K 825 pre/870 power set up driving some custom built Scan Speak speakers), Marantz (SR 7300 a bity tizzy in the top end for me), Denon (AVR 2803 and 3803 - both seem very good value for money)and just about all the other usual stuff floating around. I think I will buy the NAD T762 for the extra flexibility over the T752 - especially like the dual sub woofer output and toroidal transformer (much better the EI transformers that all of the aforementioned units have!). Only heistation is from the poor reports of earlier model - and the looks that are very '70's still.

your mother
i have $25 and im looking for a new home theather system. any suggestions?

hahah nice one buddy, get a used pos at a garage sale 4 that....

your mother
ok, thanx.
ill make sure 2 hit up a garage sale.

Just finished purchasing separates...I put together a Denon 2803, Pioneer DVD, 5 Bose Jewel cube speakers and an Infinity IL120 Powered Sub...what's left is the wiring...I was recommended IXOS interconnects and wiring....anybody have any experience with these wires and connects?

also, anyone have any advice on this setup? Besides to say that it sucks or it bites...I chose the smaller Bose Jewel cubes from the Lifestyle 50 system over the Polk RM6700 speakers...hope I made the right choice... everything was bought for a pretty good price since I purchased most things refurbished or on Ebay...

thanks in advance....;-)

you made the wrong choice with the bose speakers.
go back, return them, get the polk 6700 and then we can talk.
this might sound harsh, but i am just saving you from becoming a "bosophile" (definition: someone who spends a lot of money on bose speakers and then feels compelled to defend them no matter how superior the sound from other, sometimes cheaper, speakers).

I know it's possible to bridge amps. But what about adding an amp to a surround receiver? Or is there a way to run them parallel to each other?

You can add a seperate amp simply by using the pre-outs. does your receiver have 5/6/7.1 pre-outs?

If I add an amplifier to a reciever and the amp is of supperior quality to the receiver, will it diminish the quality of the sound that the amp would have produced alone? I appreciate your replies. Thanks


Setup your outboard amp to run the front main speakers--this will give you the best sound. The outboard amp will give you everything that the receiver's pre/pro section has to offer. Depending upon the difference in the quality, you may find that the ability of the amp to really shine may be limited by the pre/pro section of the receiver. Thus, the amp may sound a lot better, but may not be able to sound a whole lot better because it is limited by the pre/pro of the receiver (I hope I am making this clear). There is no way to know if your receiver will sound "diminished" without knowing what products you are considering, but if the amp is a whole lot better than the receiver, it may.

Nevertheless, you may want to do it as part of an upgrade path for the future, or consider getting a multi-channel (5 or 7) amp right now.

...to follow up on my previous post...after reading all the reviews I did exchange the Bose Jewel Cubes for RM6700 speakers...I'm waiting to receive all the RM6700s and run all the inwall Monster 14gauge CL3...then I'll fire up the system once I have everything together and post a followup review...

I can't decide between yamaha RX-V640 or Denon AVR-1803, anyone have and suggestions??

The 1804 is out... You may want to give it a look at Denon's web site.

I'm putting together a home theatre system. I'm going with Aperion Intimus 7.1 speaker system with a 10' sub. I'm having trouble deciding between the Denon 3803 and the Onkyo TX NR900. Any thoughts?

I just purchased a marantz mr-8200 and wanted to find out if anyone has experience with marantz products? By the way, The 150W PB sub hums, I don't thnk i hooked it up right. Any suggestions ?


With the Aperions, I would suggest the Onkyo. The Aperions are a bit on the bright side and the Onkyo does a better job of smoothing this out.

It is no accident that Aperion sells the Onkyo to go with their receivers.


It sounds as if your sub isn't grounded.

First, make sure that the sub cable is fully pushed in on both the sub and the receiver.

If that doesn't work, try changing sub cables.

Denon AVR-1804 seems great!

I have a Denon and I don't think they are a good combo with the Aperions. The Denons are a little dry and a tad clinical, and the Aperions are just a bit too bright for a great combination.

BTW, Anonymous, have you heard the 1804? I admit I haven't, but Denon's sound hasn't changed very much for the past 5-7 years (I have a current model Denon), so I have no reason to believe the 1804 is any different. But if you have heard it, please give us a review.

I was talking about the features...it seems good

Matt Rigby
what does anyone think about the yamaha new (soon to come out) RX-V1400, I have a fairly large room and was going to get the RX-V640 with 85 watt per channel would the 110 watts of the RX-V1400 be worth the extra cash?

I'm about to get a receiver, i used to have an HK avr 125, now i want to get the HK avr 7200 but i'm not sure what to get between the HK avr 525, avr 7200 or the NAD T762 considering that i looking for power, quality and both music and video, could anyone advice me which will do the job better?

thank you!!

What speakers do you have and what do you use your system for (HT or music)?

Anyone know anything about the HK DPR 2001? How does it compare to the HK AVR 7200? Which would be better with Athena AS-B2/AS-C1 speakers?

...the Bose 701 seriesII and center/surround the VCS 30

I'm about to get a receiver, i used to have an HK avr 125, now i want to get the HK avr 7200 but i'm not sure what to get between the HK avr 525, avr 7200 or the NAD T762 considering that i looking for power, quality and both music and video, could anyone advice me which will do the job better?

thank you!!

This is for anyone who has experience with the NAD T762. Has anyone had problems with intermittent "popping" sounds? Every so often -- regardless of source or mode -- one of the speakers sends out a crisp "pop." Another thing: several times the unit shut down as I began increasing the volume. Perhaps these two things are related. I'd appreciate anyone with thoughts/ideas on this. Thanks.

Could anyone tell me what is a better choice between the NAD T762 or the HARMAN KARDON AVR 7200.

BOy Crazy
Izo Besares is very sexi in person!!!:)

Looking for suggestions...

Okay my 3 year old 42" sony rear projection and SAVA speaker system setup is too anoying to keep so I went out and got a new sony 36XBR800 with the stand and a Toshiba sd4800 dvd player I have an Onkyo TX-DS787 that I never had the time to buy the proper speakers for and here is where I need help with. What should I get to have a decent sound without having to tweak the darn thing every time a helicopter buzzes by the screen? The onkyo is (as most of you know) a 6.1 reciever with a 100w per channel...yadda...yadda...yadda.
Any help would be appreciated. I listen to music on a separate system so this will be my ht system.




You haven't told us what budget you have, nor whether you can accept floorstanding speakers or not. Also, do you want something that hangs on the wall? Do you need a subwoofer? What size room do you have?

Obviously, there are thousands of products out there. If you need some help, you must narrow it down to what you would accept or need.
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