Help with A/V receiver match for Klipsch speakers


Can anyone help with a receiver for Klipsch refrence series speakers with 5.1 set up RF35 fronts, RC35 center, RS35 surrounds and SVS PB2 ISD subwoofer. Room is 19 X 23 with 12' ceilings. Budget is up to $1600 +/- How about Integra DTR 7.2 receiver? A local dealer of Klipsch and Onkyo says he will get me that model for $1000. Thanks

Great speakers.

What you should do is work a deal with your retailer to allow you to take home the Onkyo and try it for a few days.

If you like it great. If not take it back and try another receiver

Don't be put off by people telling you that Klipsch are bright and should never be matched with -yamaha, Denon or Onkyo.

It is what sounds good to you that is important .

Onkyo-Integra would probably be a decent sonic match as the Onkyo's are on the warm, dark side. I totally disagree with the above poster about Klipsch with Yamaha or Denon. Klipsch are very bright and need a mellow receiver to tame the harshness that they present at times. It is true that you need to listen to as many brands as possible but Klipsch with Denon is a combo I have heard many times and IMO it's a very bad match. SonyES is even worse. Try the Integra, it might work just fine.


I have been very unimpressed with Onkyos. They have almost no dynamic capability IMO and recent test reports show they simply do not have the power. The June issue of Sound & Vision tested the Onkyo 900, rated at 125 wpc and found it clipped at 52 wpc when all channels were driven. Given the price of a 900, I think this is inexcusable.

For your Klipsch speakers, I would recommend two other receivers in that price range. The Klipsch are somewhat bright sounding as they have excellent detail--their horn tweeter has always had a certain brightness to the sound that you should balance with a receiver that does not emphasize that part of the audio spectrum.

My first recommendation would be for the Harman/Kardon 7200, which is very powerful and feature-laden. Currently available for $899 from on a closeout. A superb match with your Klipsch speakers. Another very fine match for the Klipsch is the Marantz 8200, available from for $1099. Both of these receivers are big and have huge power supplies and heat sinks, but they also have everything you could possibly want out of a receiver. Very good sound, particularly.

As usaul, elitefan is correct that Denon and especially Yamaha are a poor choice for matching with Kipsch speakers. My ears hurt just thinking about a Yamaha driving that Klipsch horn tweeter . . . The Denon isn't bright sounding like the Yamaha, but it does have a certain dryness to its sound that I think sounds "grainy" with certain speakers and the sound image can break up (I know because I have a Denon). Klipsch is one that is a poor match for this reason.

Good luck!

I agree that the 7200 for $899 is a steal and a good match with the Klipsch. I would buy it over the Integra also but sonically the Integra is a good match with Klipsch. I don't understand why Onkyo employs the same type of protection circuit that Yamaha does that cuts off power in multichannel mode after 1 or 2 seconds. A well designed unit should not do this. I have owned 2 Onkyo's in the past and liked them very much for their dark sound quality which would work well with Klipsch but this protection business is a concern. Only an audition at home can determine if this is a problem in a real world situation.
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