Helping with Amp/PreAmp match for Klipsch speakers


Can anyone help with a Amp/PreAmp combination for Klipsch refrence series speakers with 5.1 set up RF35 fronts, RC35 center, RS35 surrounds and SVS PB2 ISD subwoofer. Room is 19 X 23 with 12' ceilings. Budget is $1600-2300 +/- Thanks

Al Holland
I have the RS35 system and I use Rotel 1066 preamp and Sherbourne 5/1500A amp. The amp is 200X5. The seperates sound better thatn any receiver that I listened to in the stores.
I have about $3000 in the amp and preamp. The 1066 can probably be found at close to $1000 now that the 1098 is available. Go to theSherbourn sit to get info. They are not available in many stores. What area do you live in?

Thanks for your help Al, I live in So. Indiana

People who are into Klipsch like the tweeters alive sound that is transparent. I would mate it with a krell - can pick one up used on

Outlaw Audio has a great combo on sale and they are an online company and you can return the products if you are unhappy (highly unlikely) within 30 days.

The Outlaw Audio model 950 pre-amp and the 7100 (7 x 100 watt amplifier-can drive 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers easily to ear splitting volume--and super cleanly). The package of both goes for $1598.

You can visit their site:

By the way--the Outlaw Audio 950 pre-amp is a 7.1--so in the future you can get 2 more speakers and use the extra 100 watts per channel to have some incredibly all-encompassing surround.

They are a very honest company with great reviews--you can read them on the site--and have better help than any company I ever dealt with. They even run a forum for "Outlaws" that ask and answer questions or special things they discovered to each other. A great way to do things.

are you still in this predicament??? I would think by now that you have made a decision regarding your system or is this for a friend or maybe a christmas gift from the wife??? If it is the latter, I am envious! Or I may have mistaken you from the other shaun, then I apologize.
You would notice that the Outlaw combo still comes up in the price range you mentioned, so come on in and take the plunge. You won't regret it...they would make a great match for the Klipsch, please note that I auditioned the RF-5 and RF-7 and they sounded awesome, so the sound diffrences could be night and day for some folks.
I preferred the the RF-5, they are not as shrill as the RF-7s but then again it could be the price diffrence that are stuffing the wax in my ears.
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