HK 7200 best for $1,000?


Any thoughts on this? If I've got $1,000 to spend, is there a better receiver for the money out there?

NAD T762 is more powerfull and better sounding but lacks in the feature camp. It all depends what your needs are shark. I've seen factory sealed NAD T762 for as low as $899.00. Search these threads for the where and hows.

I have owned the HK7200 for about 5 months now. I really think it's an amazing reciever for the money. I highly doubt the NAD is more powerful than the HK. Did you see the tests of the HK in sound and vision or hometheater magazine. I think it's a superb reciever and would highly recommend it for the money.

I agree with HKFAN, the 7200 has crazy amounts of power and should be plenty. As far as what Anon posted about the sound being "better" on the NAD...well, I believe that to be incorrect. The HK has a different sound than NAD, not a better sound. It's a matter of personal preference and speakers choice as well. The HK has a more laid back sound while the NAD is more forward.

Personally, I DO think that the 7200 offers the best bang for the buck out there but that is just my opnion.

For the money the H/K 7200 is a steal. With the right speakers for under $1000 it can't be beaten. My only issue with H/K is their skimpy input package. Same problem with NAD and Rotel.
If the 7200 meets your needs in inputs and features, buy it.


I noticed the H/K 7200 on the ecost website yesterday was going for $899, which is the same price as the NAD 762 online. Power wise, they are very similar. Both NAD and H/K are the only manufacutrers I am aware of that will publish how much current the receiver produces, which is a far more meanigful spec than watts per channel. Both the 7200 and the 762 produce around 45 amps, so they are just about identical in power.

Anonymous has spoken the gospel truth here--these two receivers have a different sound and it all comes down to the sound you prefer. The H/K is more relaxed and "laid-back"--perfect if you have very bright speakers such as Klipsch or JMlabs (for example). The NAD seems faster and more forward sounding and is the better choice for more laid back sounding speakers, such as Paradigm or PSB.

I have never been able to compare these two model directly as my local H/K-NAD dealer won't sell any receiver with an MSRP over $1K, so he carries neither unit. I have heard one or the other at other dealers and liked the sound of both. I do believe the NAD has a cleaner sound, but as I haven't had the chance to compare them directly, I cannot confirm this impression. You should listen to both to see what you prefer. Either unit is superb and a very good choice for a HT receiver.

Good luck!


I'm curious to know if you've had a chance yet to listen to one of the newer model H/K AVR430 or AVR630 receivers, particulary compared to the NAD models.


FYI, the 7200 is listed as putting out 75 amps according to HK specs. The 525 puts out 45 amps.


No, I haven't heard the new ones, I am sorry to say. I need to get through the holidays before I am likely to be able to.


You are right, I was remembering the wrong unit. Like I said, the 7200 has plenty of power! Thanks for catching that error!

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It's a H/K love fest here! I'm in agreement with Hawk again. props going out to elitefan too.
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