Err... Crossover on Marantz receivers (???)



I've got a Marantz SR6300 receiver and I'm trying to find out what the sub crossover is for this unit, in both speaker modes: large and small.

My speakers can extend down to 30hz, and I own a very capable Paradigm PW-2200 subwoofer. But, I'm not sure which setting will produce the best blend.

Anyone familiar with the crossover settings on the Marantz receivers? Unfortunately, that's the
one main thing missing from this great unit is an adjustable crossover.

Thanks for your help!


Not sure if the crossover is the same on all the Marantz line but my 4300's is factory set at 100Hz. I do believe the crossover on the 5300 is user assignable. For a simple guide you may want to rent a DVD that has THX audio tests on it. If my memory serves me correctly then I do believe Pirates of the Carribean has them. Also you can email Marantz for advice:

Marantz America, Inc.
1100 Maplewood Dr
Itasca, IL 60143
MAIN: 630-741-0300
FAX: 630-741-0301

I don't think there is a difference in the crossover setting on either large or small as long as the sub is indicated as YES.

Hope this helps?

Sorry could not find email address.
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