Elite 53TX Questions - Help Please


I have been playing with my new setup and have a couple questions that hopefully someone here can answer.

1. I also have a 47A DVD/SACV/DVD-A player. I bought monster 300 cable to connect the MULTI IN so I can listen to SACDs in 6 channels. I bought Peter Gabriel - So (the only SACD they had at the store). It only plays through the two fronts? It either isn't connected properly or they actuall made a SACD with two channels. If I am watching a DVD and change it to Multi In, it will play through all speakers/sub. Any thoughts here?

2. Does anyone know how or if this unit can skip the unused inputs in the shuttle selection? I don't use them all (VCR2 for example) and would like it to skip them.

3. Does this unit convert video signals? I have the unit connected to my TV and would like all of it to run into the TV on one signal rather than changing the TV input also. When I bought it, I was told everything would upconvert it to a Component signal. It doesn't appear to be doing this. Does this unit actually convert?

4. The sub works with home theatre awesome. It isn't working when I play music. I have tried the different listening modes and haven't gotten it to work? Can some suggest something to change to get it to run with music? Do I need to change a crossover setting or something in the reciever?

I think this might be the issue, but I wouldn't even have an idea what to set it at. I have B&W 601/S3 Speakers & a 10" Paradigm sub.

According to this, So is a stereo only SACD.


I looked at the cover when I bought it and there was no indication of it. It does sound great, but I really wanted a SACD with center/sub/rear channels. Thanks. I do feel better that everything is working properly.

Anyone have any ideas on the other things?

Make sure your front speakers are set to small in the speaker set-up. That should make the sub active all the time.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is available in SACD. It's a hybrid disc featuring 2 channel PCM (can be played on any CD player) Stereo SACD layer and multi-channel SACD. You can find it almost anywhere in the US, Wal-Mart, Kmart, most record stores, etc., so you could be listening today if you want, Circuit city and BestBuy also should have a selection of SACD.

Check the manuals for the DVD player and the Receiver for bass management (speakers to small, sub-on) to get the subwoofer working in stereo.

Thanks. I used the autosetup and didn't change any of the settings. I will change them to small and see what happens. It sounds great without it but I want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Thanks for the fast responses!

Is the "small" speaker setting just for the sub setting or does it do more? I assumed the reciever knows more about sound than I do. So if the way my room it setup, furniture, acoustics, and the speakers themselves sounded "Large" to the receiver and therefore I didn't want to change it.

By the way, I love the Elite models. Initially, I was going to buy a Sony 2000ES. Then I read this board and my final decision came down to (which I ruled a

Sould have bought the Denon...it'll covert any input signal to any type of video ouput signal...up or down. Sorry dude.

You bought the right receiver. The above poster is wrong IMO. I owned the Denon 2802 and the 3803 and the Elite is much nicer than either Denon, especially with speakers like my Monitors.

I love the reciever. There are just a few functionality questions I have and thanks to this board I have some of them answered. I just want to make sure I am using it to the fullest.


PS DenonRocks: I liked the Denon also. The MCACC function on the Elite gave it the edge IMHO. I knew the Denon would convert the signals that way. I am really interested in coverting them to a component signal.

Currently I have a VCR (RCA Video Output), DVD Player, Cable Box Connected thru the reciever to the TV. I have been buying the MonsterVideo2 and 300 Audio cables to connect everything. If I connect Component, S-Video, and RCA-Video out from the DVD to the Receiver and have those same connections running into the TV. I can have it on any source for the TV and it will get the video signal. This is nice for my wife and kids who couldn't care less what cable is being used. I don't really want to use expensive cable to hook every source up three times. If my VCR had a component out or if the Recvr could convert this to a component signal, I would never have to change the source.

SACD was originally a 2-channel format. You have to watch when you buy SACD it isn't the old 2-channel format, but the surround. DVD-Audio was always surround format.

One of the main reasons i like certain Pioneer Elite receivers is because the 55Txi, the 49txi, and the soon to be released 59txi all have i-link (firewire). So if you get the Pioneer lite 47AVi (not the 47AV)or the even much better new 59AVI you get to connect the dvd players via firewire to the receiver with a pure digital connection. \

Now with the new 59AVi which has in addition to the firewire connection to the receiver you get an HDML (which is like a DVI --one cable digital video connection to your HDTV and an 8 channel digital audio DVI-type cable to your HDTV). So instead of buying 3 expensive video digital component cables and 6 expensive audio cables you get one all purpose HDML cable that outperforms the other 9 and keeps everything in digital.

Plus the 59AVi has the new T-Rex chipset circuitry that upconverts standard 480 dvd discs to HDTV. But you need to get an HDTV with HDML to take full advantage, or else you will have to get an HDML-DVI-D adapter.

Plus the i-link automatically recognizes whatever disc you put in and plays it accordingly--whether it is a SACD, DVD-Audio, CD, DVD, whatever.

So the new Yamaha RX Z9 finally copied Elite and put in firewire--so they can probably play the Pioneer i-link dvd players. Unless they come out with some of their own--their new universal 2300 doesn't have i-link.

When the reviews come out on the 59TXi, 59AVi, and the RX Z9, it will be interesting to see if the Yamaha works well with the Elite i-link dvd players and if their acoustic speaker calibrater and balancer works as well or better than the new upgraded one on the 59TXi.

I hope Sound and Vision does some thorough testing on these items. Admittedly these are all quite expensive and for a more limited audience. But much of these new formats and devices often work their way down eventually to the less expensive models.

I just found out the 53TX doesn't convert 1 type video signal to another. When I asked about it, the salesguy said they all do it as if I was asking a dumb question. He then made the point that DenonRocks made. I am irritated at the retailer. Shame on me for not checking every detail first.
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