Denon avr-2803 vs Yamaha rx-v 1400???


Hi everyone,
I looking for new receiver and have narrowed it down to either the 2803 or the 1400, does anyone have an opinion on which is the better option for 90% HT and 10% Music in a room of 5m x 5m, driving Acoustic Energy speakers?

Well what kind of speakers are you running. I work at an electronics retailer in canada and have plenty of experience with both recievers. I think for straight home theater with little music I would go the yamaha route. You can tweak your sound very nicely. As long as your speakers are warmer in nature then you should be fine. Have you ever considered NAD, or HK. They both are very fine recievers as well. I find the denons nice as well, but aren't as good for home theater as yamaha, and I acutally find them brighter.

I'd like to purchase the Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3B system (are these speakers warm?), I've noticed that Hawk has promoted paradigm with yamaha receivers are these a better choice?, and what speakers do you feel are a good choice with the denon receiver (AE? or something else?).

Is there anybody out there who has auditioned AE Aegis Evo speakers???
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