HK AVR525 vs. Yamaha RX-V2300 ?


I am looking to upgrade my 5.1 receiver to 6.1 or 7.1. I don't know which receiver is better. My current system consists of: Bose and KLH center channel, Bose surround, Cerwin Vega 12" 3 ways up front and a 250 Watt 12" JBL sub. I'm looking to spend $500-$600 for the receiver. Any help? Thanks!

Go with the HK, I use to own the yamaha rxv2300. Although the yammie sounded nice, it is not as full sounding as the HK, the HK is very warm, and has an incredible soundstage. Also, the HK is a higher current amp as well. I upgraded my yammie from the 2300 to the HK7200. It was night and day. And the HK's look cooler as well.Anytime you introduce 100's of DSP modes that creates noise or potential noise in the signal.

In all seriousness I would spend my intital outlay of cash on some better speakers. Keep the sub and junk the rest. As far a receivers I prefer the H/K to the Yamaha. As above poster says the H/K is a much warmer, fuller unit and has a better power supply. Either way address the speakers first.
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