T752 remote problem..


Paul T
All has been fine here with my NAD T752 since I received it Monday, I set the remote up to work with my CD player, DVD, DLP TV and Digital Cable box and it has been great, gives me all the functions they're original remotes offered. But starting last night it keeps kicking back to "amp" functions when I try to use it with the other devices. I will push TV and it lights up and then after doing one function it kicks back to the amps use, such as turning up the volume on the TV, I will push TV and then raise the volume but it may go up one notch in TV volume and stop and when I push the volume button again the Amp light lights up telling me it is functioning for the amp.. kind of lost here, anyone else see this glitch??

Yes. Change the batteries.

Paul T
It's only 4 days old?? Hmm even so I will give it a try.. out to the store for 4 aaa Batteries..

Paul, this happened to me and I realized it was just the batteries. Don't blame NAD if one of the batteries is bad. Just change the batteries.

Paul T
Yep it was the batteries.. Just never thought the batteries would be dead after 4 days of use, sure glad it wasn't a bad remote...

Paul, sorry, didn't mean to be snippy in my last post. I was in a hurry. What I meant was that all of the remotes from all companies come with cheap batteries. My guess was it was just one bad one but unless you have a battery tester, you have to replace them all. The good thing I found was that the remote didn't lose its memory of the functions it learned. I was afraid I was going to have to reteach it every function. Hurrah for extended memory!

Same thing happened to me after a couple of weeks. The NAD-supplied batteries are crappy 'heavy duty' (non-alkaline) ones. I expect programming the remote soaks up a lot of juice too.

Can't understand why such a big remote uses AAA batts rather than AA ones - there's plenty of room to fit them.

OTOH it's a great remote, easy to use and very powerful. It works fine 10 metres away without a direct line of sight.
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