Which receiver is best for Paradigm Studio 100 mains?


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I have been using Adcom GFA5500 at 200 watts/ch to give the 100's their juice and Audioquest Slate bi-wires to get it there. Took some time to find the right balance, but finally found it. I am moving and will be using Adcom equipment in bedroom with smaller Studio 20's (minus the 5500 though-I am selling it). Studio 100's will remain in living room for size reasons and therfore, continued home theater duty. I am not willing to use a sub(Studio 100's have not needed one)so I need an A/V receiver capable of enough power and poise to push them to appropriate levels with movies and occasionally music(though most music listening will be done on other seperates system). I have done extensive research and have found that there are only a few brands that might have something to offer as far as internal amplification quality(at least on my budget). They are Arcam, NAD, and Rotel. B&K and Sunfire also but too pricey right now. Have heard Yamaha's RX-V1 had some juice also, but I have had a couple of Yamaha's and I am a little skeptical. Can anyone help with suggestions or similar experience? I am a new viewer at eCoustics so I apologize if this has been discussed before. Apologies for the length of the posting also.:-)

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Panasonic sa-xr70 is a new digital amp section receiver that is creating a quite a sensation among audiophiles - many agree it's a great value at only $340 on the web - some are replacing their gears more expensive than the ones you mentioned.

Try to hear it at a circuit city or a best buy.


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You have mentioned two of the very best names, Rotel and NAD. Both have all the power you need and will match very well with your Paradigm's. I don't see how you can go wrong with either one. They have somewhat different sonics with the NAD being a bit warmer but still both match Paradigm well. Buy whichever you like best.

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Hi, M.Bowen,
I also purshased a Pair of Studio's 100 Lately .... I'm driving them with a Marantz Sr7400 (105WPC), According to me they sound very well ... but there's missing a littlew punch !!! I've been searching around and fell on a Power Amp that is not expansive and matches perfectly with the Studio 10 ... Anthem MCA20 (225WPC) ... It as all the power the 100's need, and they are not expansive at all !!! Like The Paradigm ... you'll have to pay twice the money to find something as good ... it goes around 1100$CND ... Anyways, hope this helped you a bit ... keep us posted !!! www.anthemav.com

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Hi, I'll agree with therealelitefan, I've heard both receivers in this combo and they sound great...listen to both of them then you can decide based on your opinion, if you ask me I'd take the rotel 1056 for now and then upgrade the fronts with a seperate amplifier, you would get the best of both world Home Theater and proper Music reproduction.

On the lighter side...
James I really don't get you, post after post the same thing, you know what I'm starting to not like Panasonic....OOOpps...I never did :-(

Therealelitefan...I'm surprised you didn't promote Pioneer Elite :-)

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I think he is getting paid to promote that panasonic receiver...

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Anon 100,
I only "promote" Elite receivers when they are an appropriate match with someones speakers. In this case that's not true. Elite and Paradigm are great but not together.

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Try the Arcam AVR 300 - It is an outstanding receiver and is well matched to Paradigm speakers.

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I bought a Panasonic SA-XR50 for $255 from Circuit City, and has been quite pleased with it.

I called Panasonic today and was informed that the SA-XR70 has not been released for sale. Paradise seems to be a nice place, but can one go there?
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