Scrap the old stereo and buy new system or upgrade?????


As stated below, my girlfriend wants a surround sound system for Christmas. I'm trying to find the most economical way to get the best system for my money. My current stereo system consists of a Pioneer VSX 4400 Audio/Video Receiver with Dolby Surround. It has 3 speaker settings which are "A" "B" and Rear. So Basically I can hook up a total of 6 Speakers. Currently I have 2 Cerwin Vega 380SE speakers hooked up. Their specs are, Max power rating 405W Max output 126 db Frequency Range 25hz Nominal impendance 4 ohms. From reading the messages it sounds as if a True Surround system has 2 front speakers 2 rear a center speaker and a sub woofer. Is it possible to hook it up in this fashion to my current reciever? And How would you set hook up the sub woofer and center speaker??? Or is it too outdated? Just wondering if it would be better to upgrade this system by buying higher quality additional speakers, or if it would be better to start new with a new reciever and speaker system, in the mid to lower price range? Any advice would be appreciated

Time to upgrade friend. Dolby surround was an early analog version of surround sound. 'A' and 'B' are probably two sets of identical outputs for the main speakers. It can't decode Dolby Digital which is required for modern surround sound, and is the standard for DVDs. Additionally, it doesn't have subwoofer or center channel outputs, so there really is no easy way to hook them up.

If you need advice on a some system choices, you will need to post your room size and your budget. There are systems ranging from inexpensive theater in a box systems up through top of the line audiophile seperates. There are also many here who will offer their opinions.

I have a cheap theater in a box system (Onkyo) in my bedroom that works well. My main home theater system in the family room is much better, but also much more expensive.
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