NAD T761 or T742


Last week I listened to a T742 and really liked the sound. Tonight I found a really good price on a 761.
I have decided to go with either some Paradigm or B&W bookshelves. (Can't remember the exact names.)

Basically I'm wondering if the T761 is comparable to the 742.


Sound wise, I think they are comparable. The 761 is slightly more powerful (80w x 5 compared to 50w x 5). This shouldn't make too much of a difference unless you have a large room or like listening at loud levels. Also, the 742 has Pro Logic II, whereas the 761 only has regular Pro Logic. This may not make a difference to some, but I do use Pro Logic II often.

You didn't ask, but I will tell you anyway, Paradigm and NAD sound simply wonderful together.
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