Speaker setup suggestions


Mel C
My room is 13 x 21, but the room is set up width ways. I am looking to build a 5.1 setup. Price is not really an object (within some reason). The problem is the size of the room and specifically the way the room is setup (width ways) precludes four big speakers. Are there any suggestion for relatively small speakers. A sat/sub system (ie 5x5x7 speakers) is not really wanted (unless someone knows of a really great sat/sub setup).

Alan B.
I bought 4 B&W 601 S3 speakers, a LCR60 Center and a Paradigm Sub based on reading this board. I went over my limit so I didn't get the B&W sub that was 150 more than Paradigms. I love it.

I have a similar room setup it fills the room with no problem. I replaced much larger Monitor speakers and like these better.

I would find a place that sells higher end speakers and listen to them.
I also looked at Definitive Technologies that have powered subs built into them.

What will you be driving these speakers with?

Mel C
I do not have a receiver yet. But back to speakers, I am looking at the Mirage Omnisat system, any thoughts on it?
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