Yamaha RX-570...Need Speakers


Can someone recommend a good set of bookshelf speakers for this reciever? It has 2 channel 70W. I used to use it with very large Klipsch speakers which my wife will not tolerate anymore.

We listen to everything but rap music.


Try the models in the Paradigm Performance series like the Focus, Titan and Atom. I think you will be amazed at the imaging these inexpensive wonders are capable of. How Paradigm does it for the low price of these models is incredible. If you want something more pricey try their Monitor Series like the Monitor 5 and Mini- Monitor. Good combination with Yamaha.


Do you think the MArantz 5300 and titans are a good match?

Heard the titans vrs. b&W 303 and liked the titans much better. B&W sounded thinner to me although vocals slightly beter.

If i was offered either for free I'd take the titans. Forget about value, I think they plain simple sound better.

Dave, just bought the titans and have to agree with you. I tried several others but was just knocked out by the clarity and separation these little guys do.

Paul T
I strongly suggest you go listen to the Paradigm Studio series, I went from B&W monitor series to the Studio 20v3's. They are a much warmer smoother speaker then the B&W and Klipch's, figured you better get that up front but don't let that fool you, they are also very detailed... I love them, the music just pours out of them and even at high volume they never scream at you they just keep pouring out smooth clean sound.. And that's the studio 20v3's, can't imagine how much sound the 60's or 80's put out, I am limited by space so I knew going in I would need a smaller bookshelf speaker but these speakers blew away any expectations I had about a small speaker.. they sound LARGE!!

thanks paul If my local retailer has them I'll try them out.

What was the retail price you paid on the studiosv3's? Have you heard axiom 3ti or 22tis by chance, if so how do they compare wuthe the titnas and studios??

dont think I can swing $650 for studio's but thanks for the imput
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