I have purchased Aperion 5.1 speakers(two new towers,not bookshelfs, in front). What do you think of Pioneer Elite VSX 47 to go with them?


I can get it on closeout for around $1300. Or should I consider the Pioneer Elite VSX 55 or the Onkyo TXSR 701? Thanks for your opinions.

$1300 for the Elite47 is an absolute steal.I am not familair with your speakers so I can't give you an honest opinion on if they are a good match with Elite. Are they forward to bright or laid-back? If it's the former you can't do better than the Elite's you listed. If the latter then a more forward to brighter receiver is in order. There I would go with NAD or Rotel. The Onkyo is not in the class with any of the other brands, at least not at the price point of the 701. The 801 or 901 would be more in line with the others. The only way I would get the Elite55 over the 47 is if you want the firewire jacks that the 55 has. Otherwise the 47 would be a better buy as it has the same power supply and processors as the top of the line 49txi and now 59txi. $1300 for the 47! Where?!

It is an open box demo with full mfr warranty in the L.A. area. It has only been open around two months and that is their last one. They were selling new ones still in the box for $1500, but they are all gone. If I don't buy it, I will gladly tell you which store. Thanks for your opinion.

I have not heard them yet as I am buying them mail order, but in talking with Aperion, they describe them as balanced, leaning toward slightly bright, not laid back. I should also mention that I will use the system 50% for movies and 50% for music.

Sounds like a match made in heaven to me. Run to the store and get the 47 before it's gone. Good luck.
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