MiniDisc data recovery - Deleted tracks


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Hello, hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have also posted to another board with no joy.
I've got an 80 min minidisc recorded in Mono mode, which had a 30 min
recording of a telephone conversation on it.
I thought i had transferred it to my MAC, so I then deleted the track
off the minidisc.

It was then i found that the track did not copy over properly, can i
recover this minidisk track data.
The disk now says that its empty.
(I know ive been dumb.)
TA. Tina

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Hi tina, no worries i can recover all the info on your minidisc.

Contact me and i will mail you the shipping details. Im in the UK.
I dont charge a fee but a donation towards the hardware used to pull
the data off the disks always helps future development of the techniques to help more people.

Let me know.

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I do all my minidisc recovery on a consumer range machine and it takes about 15secs to recover a complete disc. Anything up to a mds980 from an older machine will do - see

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I've got more or less the same problem than Tina.
I tried to transfer audio data from an Sony MZ-NH1 to my computer, but the program (Sonic Stage) interrupted the process and automatically deleated all the data from the Hi-Mini-Disc.

Do you guys have any ides what to do next?

The audio data was for my diploma thesis

Asa bergstrom
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Hello, hope someone can help. I've got an 74 min minidisc recorded in normal mode I then deleted all the tracks by mistake.



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Hi Asa,
"Minidisc Data Recovery"

As i said above, i will be able to recover your deleted minidisc audio data, if it is that important to you.
Let me know if i can help.


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I have a Sony Hi-MD MZ-RH910. I recorded one of my bands gigs with it. I recorded with an 80 min disc in Hi-SP mode. While trying to transfer the songs using SonicStage 3.0, I got an error and it shutdown the program. Now when I try to play the disc I get a format disc error and a message saying it needs to be formatted. Can I still recover the audio tracks from the disc?

Thank you

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Hi, I have a sony MZ-NH1 and I recorded my tracks on Hi-MD LP format, but after recording for about 400MB, I get a disc full message (although there is 600MB left and 23hrs of recording available). I press record again, and the unit records, but after this, every single track on the disc (including the old ones) is damaged and I get no sound for any of them. I remove the Hi-MD disc and insert it again and I get a format error on the unit. This has happened twice now. All the recordings are so important to me and I had no back up!! Anyone know what I can do, or how I can recover these tracks??
I had only 7 groups on the disk and a total of about 400 tracks.

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Hi, I have another recovery problem - I have a minidisc that had about 4 hours of interivews on it that I somehow deleted. I was creating a new track to come back to the same place later and somehow the TOC came on and (unknown to me at that moment)it deleted the entire disc as I put the machine away. Unfortunately, I have taken the disc out and in my frustration to see what was wrong actually recorded a few seconds onto the disc to see if it was working (I know that was REALLY stupid). I thought all was completely lost (and maybe it is) because the manual says the info is not retrievable, but somebody told me to look online and here I am. If you can help let me know. Thanks!

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Hey, those who face the problem that your live recording stopped unexpectedly (for example coused by power failure). This means that your recorder didn't have enugh time to complete TOC-table.

Solution to recover audio (not tracks):
1. You need a MD that is long as your original MD (that has failed recording on it)
2. Record it full of audio (so you have now TOC table on it that tells to MD-player you have one 74 minute track for example)
3. You need a MD recorder that has abilities to split or merge tracks. And it also must have ability to complete writing TOC after power failure. (For example Sony MDS-E10)
4. Now comes recovery part:
a) insert your own made MD that is full of audio or that has two tracks that fill whole MD
b) edit tracks somehow (for example merge those two tracks or split one track) - IT IS CALLED TOC EDIT or RAM EDIT
c) IT depends on recorder but supposedly TOC sign blinks on display to mark that recorder needs your confirmation to finalize TOC edit (to write new TOC to the beginning of your MD)
d) UNPLUG your recorder
e) Dangerous part - uncover your recorder and try extremely gently to remove your MD from recorder. Beware, it is extremely dangerous because there is always a chance to break the mechanics that drive MD.
f) insert the MD that has failed recordings on it
g) PLUG IN the recorder
h) recorder draws new MD inside and finalizes the TOC (recorder thinks that it is the same old MD with the tracks you merged or splitted)
i) Congradulations! Now you have a MD with one long track on it, but at least you recovered sound.

Play the MD, if player reaches to the point your recording ended it stops automatically (because there is no audio format from tihs point if you used blank disk).

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I too have had a problem with my TOC being lost after making a live recording. I have tried opening my Sharp MD-MT866 but I don't seem to be able to extract the mini disc if it still needs a TOC write. If anyone can help me recover the data on my disc I would be greatful. I have seen there is a company charging A£75 for the service but that is way out of my league.

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I have finally managed to recover my TOC using my Sharp MD-MT866. I had tried recording a whole disc with one track and then splitting a track after 30 seconds and deleting it. This left the machine wanting to write a toc if you removed the battery at that point. However I could not remove the disc. I tried unscrewing the lid but again got nowhere and then had problems with the machine thinking the lid was open. Now weather I have then not put the machine back together or not I can't tell but a useful side effect is if I remove a disc it still seems to be playing as far as the machine is concerned. I was actually using a piece of string to spring the door catch again I am not sure this was necessary. I was therefore able to put the full disc with one track in and play it and then switch discs and carry on playing my TOCless disc. I then had trouble with the disc being Protected. I somehow managed to get this sorted by removing the battery and starting again and then I was able to save my new TOC. Yippee

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more himd transfer erasures. Has anyone found someone who can recover unintentionally erased HiMD discs. I had a career highlight on this disk which erased everything when the transfer was interupted. try me at thanks

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Username: Richard111

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I'm now offering a minidisk recovery service for anyone interested. You can contact me at .
Thank You

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Username: Rgoodman

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Here's my problem:
Recorded a wonderful interview on Hi-MD Sony MZ-NH9800 machine.
Battery went dead, unit shut down. Plugged it into wall socket and kept recording.Noticed, but did nothing about the observation that this was again track 4, as had been the first (possibly lost) interview.
Is there any chance my interview is still in there and can be extracted, even part of it?
I don't have much to spend, and was wondering if I went through "Search and Recover" program and made
an image of the uploaded data, then tried to read it with some kind of conversion program, whether that would do it.
I'm over my head and may have to do the interview over, but I'd rather not.

Any advice?

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Username: David86

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First time(one year ago) i tried to upload my music onto my computer i uploaded it with sonicstage but i couldnt burn it so i tried without sonicstage.. This also didn t work so i tried again with sonicstage, but it just erased my file from my disc. Now i only have the file wich i uploaded without sonicstage. Is there a way to recover this file ( its a pianoexam from a friend)?

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Username: Kim_ranfeltreklamehotm...

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Data recovery from MiniDisk - Easy if you have the right machine!!

Hi Everybody

I just managed to save the data on my MD. I created a new TOC (table of content) by removing the cover, fix the open lid censor and shifting minidisk. In this way I trick the machine to think it was the same disk, and the new TOC can be written witch enables me to play the erased data. It is possible on my SHARP MD-MT66, because it waits to write the TOC until you open the lid or turn the machine of. It would not be possible though on my SONY MZ-RH1 because it does the "TOC" (called SYSTEM WRITING) right after you stop the editing.

As you might have guessed I was inspired by krebelo (scroll up) but it works with every kind of formatted and erased MD, because the only thing that is changed is the TOC. As far as I know it is the same fore all kinds of data consisting of 0/1 (bits and bites). Just fix the TOC - or what ever the contend file is called - and your on.

Best regards

For questions:

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Anyone manage to recover deleted track on Hi-MD?

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Username: Supermagician

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hi,last weeks,my computer's disk files was lost.i'am very last ,i find a sowtware "DERescue Data recovery master" help me to get back the data.perhaps it may help you.

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I recorded a live set, hit stop. it said it was there as normal saved. take disc out, power off.
get home put in and it says "Blank Disc"

tried just now 2 record something new for 3 seconds, did the same process. power off, then on, put back in now it works? it saved that recording. Help

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Username: Barbalucian

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Hi S, exactly the same thing just happened to me an hour ago.

I had a great interview on Friday, took the disc out today to transfer it as I normally do, put it in my domestic machine and it said "Blank Disc".

I nearly fell on the floor.

I put it back into the portable, it said "Blank Disc".

So, I made a short recording which was fine, but I know that the "lost" data must still be on the disc, I'm in a pickle too mate - H E L P - M E - P L E A S E - S O M E O N E !

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Username: Richard111

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I have a service for recovering regular MDs. I charge 15$ and I'm located in North Easton, MA. You can contact me at for all the details or any questions.

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Username: Reehana

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I hope that you will be able to fix my mini dvd disc,which comes up as unknown because I did not finalise it before I took it out of the camcorder.

It shows up as formatted on the camcorder, but I cant lose these files, coz they are video clips of
my 1 year old girl and very precious to me.

Sony Handycam DCR-DVD106 (Sony DCR DVD handycam camcorder videocam Disk access error)

Please contact me with with costs if you can help solve my problem, Email

Thank you


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Username: John8690

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Hey thanks for the help, Krebalo and Tina.
I've managed to recover my 2 hours of recording using a similar technique but originally from this forum's idea.

My disk said BLANK after I got home from the service I'd recorded. I had two MDs one good but one failed. The power didn't fail, no idea why it didn't save.

I would have given up if I'd not found this forum
So what I did?
I have a Sony MD NZ-N505 (old really actually)
It can't merge or split so I thought I was screwed.

Anyway I recorded another MD audio longer than my own as Krebalo suggested.
Then I had to modify my MD player so I could open it without stopping the disk or powering off the device: without doing this the md will just reset. (This isn't easy and risky -- I could have damaged it)
I took off the door catch, cut a hole in main device side near the audio output so I could get to the door open micro switch. Then I started up recording at the end of my 2nd MD, paused the recording, and lifted up the door carefully pressing the door micro switch with a card in between it. Then I poped the failed MD back in stopped the recording and let it finalize that disk.
Done! Tracks isn't important to me they are gone but the sound isn't damaged at all.

Ref: -19114/page-2
A manual of the walkman if this helps anyone figure out how to repair their broken MD NZ-N505.

I'm so happy now. However I hate MD's now so I'm planning to get rid of it and buy something that can record MP3 to flash media, like an IKey.

Thank you

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Username: Richard111

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Hello, I have a service for recovering regular Mds. HiMd is encrypted and to my knowledge not recoverable. I charge 15$ and I'm located in Chandler,AZ.. I send proof of recovery before any fund transfer. You can contact me at for all the details or any questions.

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Username: Maryblue

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hi, could you please tell me if its possible to recover material from an early 90's high definition video camera, , where the mini dv two hours long material were just written over by mistake.
i still have the mini dv tape , it is very valuable data and i will be SO grateful if its possible to have it somehow recovered.

Thanks so much for your help ,

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Username: Krizr

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Hi, I also recently ran into this BLANK disc problem on two 74 min. discs containing irreplaceable content of high emotional value to me. Searching the web, I came across this forum. Inspired by John8690 and Krebalo, I developed the following non-desctructive procedure for recovering the content. I now want to contribute my solution, hoping it could be useful to someone.

Recorded minidiscs sometimes cannot be read again. The player just reports BLANK disc. The problem is that the TOC -- the table of contents has been damaged. In order to recover the content of such discs, use the procedure below.

1. Get hold of a Sony Net MD MZ-N505 minidisc recorder.
(I am sure other MD units could be used in a similar procedure).
2. Get the service manual from here
3. Make a Master TOC Disc (MTD): Insert a disc, press Record and let the recorder record the full minidisc in one go, typically about 75 minutes.
4. Remove the lower section of the recorder case as described in the service manual p. 7, and fix the open/close detect switch in the closed position by taping it down with a small piece of adhesive tape, see manual p. 4. Then the recorder will not be able to detect when the lid is opened.
The open/close detect micro switch is found at the edge of the printed circuit board at the middle of the right hand side of the recorder. Screw the recorder case back in place.
5. Connect the headphone output jack of the recorder to the line in of a computer using a cable with 3.5 mm miniplugs at both ends. Launch the appropriate recording software on the computer.
6. Now insert the MTD, let it play for a few seconds, and PAUSE it. Do not STOP it.
7. Open the lid again, take out the MTD, and insert the damaged minidisc.
8. Press the left arrow button to position it at the start.
9. Start the computer recording and press PLAY on the recorder, adjust volume suitably.
10. Let the recorder play until the end of disc content. Then stop the computer recording. Now you have the rescued content as one contiguous file, and you have saved the day!
11. If you have several damaged minidisc, you can now insert the next disc, and repeat from step 8.
12. If you let the MD recorder power off, then you have to repeat from step 6.

Works like a charm!
Good luck!


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Username: Anika_alam


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Can you actually still see the contents of the HiMD in your file
manager? There should be a folder called "HMDHIFI" containing several
files. If you can still list these, chances are you will be able to
recover at least some of the tracks.For details .This will be helpful.

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Username: Quikset

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I have a Sony MZ-R70. A recording wasn't completely written to the Disc, when process was interrupted (the recorder was accidentally opened). Is there any way to retrieve the audio from the MD Recorder?

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Username: Mdtechie

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Here are some videos showing how to recover bad or formatted minidisc media.
Or discs with TOC errors.


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Username: Italo_disc

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Hi all,
i just wanted to update this post as i found it due to a nearly 20years old MD which was not working properly.

I got in contact with and he helped me out for a little fee. I want to thank him again and just want to let you guys know that if you need his help i totally recommend this nice guy.

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