Den 3803/nad 762/mar 7300ose/elite 53tx/? with Preludes


jim jackson
I've been considering the Denon 3803 (refurb with full manufacturer warranty for around $700), Elite 53tx (new for around $700, but need to ensure full warranty), a NAD 762 (used, but almost new for around $700), and a Marantz 7300 OSE (also used, but almost new for around $700). They are all good and all around the same price. So no need to say one is definitely better than another. What I'm looking for is a good match with my Infinity Prelude speakers (very efficient, neutral, with great detail). I think the Prelude fronts are as good as any pair of front speakers I've heard. The center channel is good, but not great. The rears are the old "quadrapole" speakers and are the real weak link with Dolby Digital formats (maybe I should replace?). Anyway, anyone out there familiar enough with the Preludes to recommend a good match?

One technical question ... can all (any?) of the recievers I'm considering do video switching for HD TV at full 720p or1080i? I want to run everything through my receiver and not have to run multiple inputs directly to my tv just to get HD.
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