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I just picked up a pair of Klipsch Floor Standing speakers and the dealer gave me 30' of monster stereo cable for free. I've always connected my wires to the speaker by just stripping the wire and putting the bare wire into the bindings.

However, reading this forum and other sites, i've come accross using speaker "connectors" or "plugs" or whatever you all call them. As far as I can understand, the main point of using "connectors" instead of bare wire is that the wires are typically made of copper and can oxidize under normal atmospheric conditions, and the connectors are gold plated, and thus don't oxidize under normal atmospheric conditions.

Is this the basic argument for using connectors over bare wire? How important is it to use connectors instead of bare wire? How much of a difference does it make?

PS: I'm not trying to start any holy wars here. I just want to understand the science.

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the benefits you mention of connectors are true to
a degree.

but mainly connectors are for convenience and don't
add to a better sonic performance.

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frankly i'm very offended shank
you want a war
you got one mister

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Agree with Kegger completely. Depends on the quality of the connectors (some are poorly made so can have a detrimental effect on performance) but the general consensus is that banana plugs don't add anything to the performance. They tend to get used if you need to move your setup around often and just add convenience. If you are concerned about oxidisation just snip back the speaker cable once in a while.

War's on this site!!

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Thanks for the feedback!

I guess I'll see if i can find some non-expensive/quality gold plated banana plugs or something, but I'm not gonna spend a fortune! Money is best spent on actual music :-)

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If your connections are made correctly, i.e. slightly more than finger tight (kind of like an oil filter), you will have what is called a gas tight connection. This will not allow gasses (oxygen) into the connector and will prohibit oxidation. Make this connection by placing all of the stripped wire into the connector and tightening to sufficient torque. If there is no copper exposed to the air this will be the best connection possible.

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Try this with the Monsters:
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