No DVD-Audio on my Denon AVR-1403.. whats up?


Hi all,
I have a Denon AVR-1403 receiver. I have a JVC DVD player (XV-SA600BK) hooked up to it with the audio on a digital optical line, and I have my computer hooked up to it on a digital coax line.

I have never experienced any problems, until I got this DVD-Audio demo disk that came with my Creative Labs SB Audigy2 Platinum sound card for my computer. I can play it fine on my computers dvd player, and it sounds great coming from the speakers that are connected directly to the sound card, however, when I turn on my receiver (hooked actually to an external connection box that came with my sound card via the digital coax) I cant hear anything. MP3s, DVDs, and other media play fine going to the Denon.

Next I put this disc into my stand-alone JVC DVD player. Looking at the onscreen menus, it appears as though its playing it just fine (the player is supposed to be able to play DVD-audio without a problem). Yet I cant hear anything coming from my Denon.

Now, in both cases, the audio is being decoded by either my Sound Blaster card when played on my computer, or my JCV DVD player, so I would not think that my Denon would even have to worry about the audio stream its getting, because its already decoded and all, but I dont know much about the whole process so I could be wrong.

Anyone have any clue whatsoever could be going wrong?


The problem is that your JVC DVD player is hooked up to your receiver via a digital optical line. In doing so, you are asking your receiver's D/A converters to decode the digital signal, not your DVD player's D/A converter. If your DVD player is DVD-Audio capable (or has DAC that can decode DVD-A), then you must connect your DVD Player to your receiver via analog connection. To truly take advantage of DVD-Audio from your Denon, your Denon will need a 5.1 analog input (connecting to your DVD player's 5.1 analog output). Hope this helps.

Matt S.
Oh wow thanks, so simply by connecting with digital causes my DVD player to simply pass the signal to my receiver without decoding it? I assume this works the same way with digital coax?

Isnt an analog connection a poorer quality connection??

Man there is a lot to know about this stuff.

Ive never even looked at what kind of analog connections can be made, always assumed digital would be the best hehe


Same with digital coax. Analog is not necessarily a poorer quality connection. It simply feeds the analog info from your DVD-player's DAC. If your DVD-player or CD player has better DAC than your receiver, then the sound would be better with an analog connection.

Matt S
...and thats not anything I would have any clue about heh.

Thanks for the replys though :)
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