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I have chosen to buy a Cambridge audio seperate systems. The Azur 640A amplifier and the 640C CD player and hopefully the 640t tuner (soon!!). I wanted some advice on speakers which would go well with this system. I have been recomended the Mordaunt Short 904s or 906s? Does this sound like a good system?
Any advice would be very welcome



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Not bad.
You might want to hear other speakers like:

Monitor audio bronze
Paradigm studio (more money but better)

Speakers are subjective - you gotta like them for the type of music you listen to. You chose good gears in the price point - the paradigm studio would sound better than the Mordaunts, for more money.

Get better cables too to get the most out of your system. I like Ixos cables -

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These are good cable values. EZ59&ic=IXOS%2DXHA306%2F100&tpc= EZ59&ic=IXOS%2DXHS706S&cc=&tpc=

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Sounds like you could be from the UK with equipment and speakers you are thinking of pairing. In July's issue What Hi-Fi? asked five hi-fi manufacturers to pair their seperates with what they thought were the best matching speakers. Cambridge Audio chose for the exact same electronics you are considering the Epos M5 speakers and the mag rated them as the best sounding system in the group test (Just their opinion you understand).

Anyway I think the Mordaunt Shorts will be a good match with those seperates aswell as the Monitor Audio ones James mentions (not heard the others listed). Others to consider with the almost neutral Cambridge are KEF, Acoustic Energy (these two brands are quite neutral also). I have tried Mission speakers with a Cambridge amp and they too sound good. I think Cambridge amps are quite system friendly.

Hope that helps some.

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Thanks for your advice
Bought the Mordaunt short 914s but unfortunately I have only one channel working. I dont think it is a speaker problem as I switched the wires and the the speaker which worked before had stopped working and the non-working one started??
Help!Is it likely to be a problem with the amp or the connections?

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Double check all your connections from both amp and cd player and even try switching over speaker cable. It could be a problem with your IC's or cable. Failing that it looks to be either your amp or cd player at fault.
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