This board may have a Canadian bias


I wonder if their is a Candain bias on this board. This board is vey quick to recommend NAD and Athena Tech speakers, two Canadian companies. I will bet (without any malice intended) that Hawk is in Canada.

Eh ?

Don't forget Paradigm and energy. Two of the finest speaker companies. Eh...

I think Hawk is british

Always in the shadow of the great USA,Canadians often feel inferior to Americans. When they do come out with a product they feel worth touting, they have a right to tout it. Granted NAD is inferior to many other products out there that are far less expensive(i.e. Onkyo,Onkyo,Yamaha,JVC,Sherwood) the Canadian bias you detect is a defense mechanism and response to their national feeling of inadequacy.

NAd inferior to Yamaha,JVC,Onkyo??? that the truth?

elitefan Hawk G.DawG John .A
dont beleive anything these snotnose punks are saying. they are all a bunch of no life losers.
canada is beter then usa eh?

Canada is far superior to the USA!!!!!! dirty yankees....

Trolling, trolling, keep on trolling, anon.

Your Mom know you are such a waste of genetic material?

railbait, you ARE A NUTLICKER! damn dirty americans think they are so awsome! canada is better you idiots!

John A.
Hawk explained where he lives and where he used to live on another thread. It wasn't Canada, or UK (though he was there once).

I can fan this one a bit. When Tony Blair famously said "My parents remember the Blitz, and we had only one true friend..." etc., he meant well, but slapped about 500 million people in the face with his ignorance of History, and gave all credit to a nation that was only welcome, and thanks, but seemed to have a bit of a problem making up its mind... Not so Canada. My parents remembered, too. Some of us will never forget our real friends. And I can speak for some modern Germans, whom I know (none of whom are cannibals to my knowledge). Canada and some others are heavily in credit, if you want to get into all that.

This has zero to do with NAD or receivers generally (BTW they started in UK, were briefly Scandinavian, and now seem to be in safe hands).

Where they are made, and who owns the company, has nothing to do with anything. Buy the best you can get for your money, and forget the rest. It is the only way to a better life, and a better World.

Hello everyone,

.... Pssst, I'll tell you a top secret information which I uncovered recently.

The REAL identity of Elitefan and others here
who advocate brands such as Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, and yes, even Rotel, is that they are JAPANESE corporate warriors who know a little English who are out to infiltrate the world audio electronics industry. In other words, the Japs are out again to dominate the world after failing in the last world war.
Yep, Elitefan is no other than Mr. Nakamura...



Joacim Carlsson
What happened with you guys making big politics out of recievers...LoL ;)


John A.
AUDIO E, Joacim,

That is my point, too. It is 2003, for goodness sake.

Actually, I think Hawk said in another post that he lives near Denver. By the way Hawk, if you read this (completely off the topic), how is the snow in the front range. I am going skiing between Christmas and New Year in Summit Co. and am starting to get snow in over a week now!

Paul T
You guys can be such hosers.. It's not if a product is Canadian, American or Japanese it's sound quality that counts. I'm not Canadian and I do not promote Canadian products I just like the Paradigm Studio series and NAD receivers. I wouldn't care if they were made in Guatemala, if they sound the best to me and are of high quality build I'm buying it and I did.. Why all this Canadian/NAD bashing all of a sudden A?? :)

There is a simple reason that there are a lot of great Canadian speaker companies. They invested in it through the National Research Council of Canada. Even great American loudspeaker engineers went there. It had a ton of test equipment and many great anechoic chambers for speaker testing. And had the great Floyd Toole--who was stolen by Sidney Harman to run the Infinity speaker division of HK Int'l. The engineers for Paradigm, Energy, Paul Barton of PSB, I think the Axiom, Aperion, and Ascend people came through there too. HK even stole Kevin Voeck's of Snell fame who eventually started the Revel speakers--which are owned by HK,

NAD may have offices in Canada--but it is all made in the Asian Rim countries. It is as Asian as an Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer, or Yamaha.

Actually HK makes all its speakers now in the US--Revel, HK, Infinity, JBL. They own Lexicon and Mark Levinson.

There is great product and not so great product made everywhere.

I like my Canadian neighbors. Most of them like us too. Just about all their comedians have moved here.

My favorite Canadian quote was by the former prime minister of Canada--Pierre Trudeau, who said--"Living next to the United States is like sleeping with an elephant" Obviously meaing the repercussions of what we do have enormous effects on Canadians.

I agree. My favorite speakers companies, Athena, Energy and Paradigm, are all Canadian. The National Research Council's Anechoic Chamber is being put to good use. I've driven across Canada from just above Washington state to UP Michigan (I lived in Chicago and that year 600 people died from the heat) and met some of the nicest people there. And the views...

Lay off the Canadians, Eh. They're alright.
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